Engineering College Software, All-in-One (ERP + LMS + CRM) Solution

Engineering College Software, All-in-One (ERP + LMS + CRM) Solution

Engineering College Software is a comprehensive SaaS, Web & Cloud-based application and computer-based (PC) institute ERP management system designed exclusively for all the private, public and, government higher educational institutions to streamline campus, administrative, academic, and student management operations.

A typical higher education college ERP software automates and digitizes all the crucial day-to-day activities in the institution right from student admissions to graduation, fee payments to accounts, and many more; additionally, incorporates modules and tools such as LMS and CRM to provide students a better social-emotional, communication, and personalized learning environment.

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Why do Engineering Institutions Require College Software?

In the current education demanding times, the growth of student numbers and the necessity for quality education is on a rapid rise. Thus, to achieve the goals of the institution, compensate students with their needs and assist them from the beginning until the end, college engineering intuitions require an ERP software system that attends to the queries of the students quickly with CRM, assists the institute in accreditation, increases student admissions, systemizes management methods for the administration, encourages smart and modern classroom teaching, eliminates paper procedures, provides better learning experience and atmosphere for students with LMS, etc.

What are the Management Tools required in College Software?

The essential management system tools in the engineering college ERP software are:

  • Pre and Post Admission Management
  • Multi-branch Management
  • Bulk SMS/E-Mail Notifications facility
  • Student Information Management
  • Fee Management
  • Exams & Result Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Placement Management
  • Attendance & Leave Tracking System
  • Library Management
  • Transport Management
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Marketing Automation System
  • Timetable & Curriculum Management
  • Finance and Accounts Management
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EduSys All-in-One (ERP + LMS + CRM) Solution

EduSys is all-in-one cloud-based online ERP software designed to provide sophisticated tools for the college administrators to automate and digitize day-to-day campus activities, thereby eliminating paper-dependency and extra labor. Anywhere from managing students admissions, assigning entrants to dormitories/ hostels, tracking institution-owned vehicles, tracking students & staff attendance, recording fee payments and transactions, creating and evaluating assignments, publishing results, to even granting parents access to essential details can be managed using the application. The application is accessible on mobile phones too in three different login platforms for admins, students, and parents.


  • Free Standard Website & Mobile APP
  • Send Bulk SMS/E-Mail
  • Online Fee Payment Management
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Multi-Branch/Franchise Management
  • Student & Staff ID card/Certificate generator
  • Online Exam/Test & Result
  • Biometric Attendance Integration
  • Students, Staffs, and Facilities Management
  • Batch Scheduling & Time Table Management
  • Highly Secure and Reliable
  • Fully Customizable according to the needs
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  12 Jan 2021
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