What is Smart Class? Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Smart Class? Advantages & Disadvantages

A Smart Class is edtech-upgraded classroom that cultivate education by opening doors to digital teaching and learning methods for both the teachers and the students by coordinating latest advancements in technology with academics. The objectives of such classrooms are to invoke interest in education among the student by introducing them to real-time e-learning with help of audios and videos, multimedia, images, online web conferences, PPT presentations, 2D & 3D animations, etc.

Smart class technology ensures the education reaches every student with different level of understanding equally. Moreover, implementing this kind of classroom education enhances student-teacher interaction and collaboration. A digital board is the most common example of smart equipment usually implemented in educational institutions, especially in schools, to teach with videos, presentations, etc. It acts as a large white tablet replacing the traditional backboard with a touch screen and the chalk with a smart pen, which educators use to write on the white board.

Unlike Virtual classroom, smart classes tend to concentrate more on in-classroom teaching and learning techniques. Additionally, coordinating this education technology with the internet provide students the opportunities of web-based online learning with computers and smart gadgets as well as sophisticate the instructors with innovative teaching tools to teach virtually with interactive programs.

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Advantages of Smart Classes

  • Improves student-teacher interaction and communication
  • Real-time blended teaching and learning
  • Gives students a better understanding of concepts
  • Introduces students and instructors to education technology
  • Improves visualization and creativity
  • Provides students a better in-classroom experience
  • Encourages e-learning and Virtual Classroom
  • Improves academic performance of students thereby enhancing their mental and physical development
  • Online web-based learning
  • Student tend to learn at their own phase
  • Easy-to-use and accessibility

Disadvantages of Smart Classes

  • Creating presentations, videos and programs are difficult
  • Expensive and complex to implement
  • High maintenance costs
  • Devices such as computers, digital boards, etc. are fragile and not easy to operate
  • Highly dependent on electricity
  • Requires proper network connectivity such as LAN, WAN, Internet, etc.

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  07 Jul 2020
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