Digitise & Automate Classroom Activities

Digitise and automate classroom activities with EduSys. By doing so, one can eliminate paper dependency; improve management, teaching and learning methods; and step into the world of smart education technology. EduSys provides latest, computerized and, innovative management tools to manage classrooms and students effectively.


Classroom Management Software Features

Digital Diary

EduSys’s Digital Diary is the best alternative solution to the notebook/ diary keeping. It allows users to write down and store class schedules, classroom activities, to-do lists, timetables, lesson plans, curriculums, etc., online thereby eliminating the risk of loss of notes.

Document Management System

With EduSys Document Management System record, digitize, organise, edit, share, and protect the information and important data of students and staff. Avoid manual paper documentation procedures by seamlessly scanning and uploading the necessary documents into the Cloud where the data is stored forever.

Allot and Evaluate Assignment/ Homework

EduSys includes tools to create, allocate, as well as evaluate students’ assignment/ homework online. Moreover, the software facilitates SMS and alert notification informing the concerned individual about the assigned task. Additionally, it contains auto assessment feature to generate custom progress and report cards for students.

Conduct Exam & Instant Report Card

EduSys simplifies Exam Management by allowing teachers/ faculty to conduct exams and generate instant report cards easily. Besides empowering the teachers with the capacity to create and conduct tests, the software provides the staff with tools to assign students to examination halls, create hall tickets, and many more. Moreover, it enables the faculty to generate progress cards automatically in bulk for multiple students at once.

What is the price of Classroom Management Software?

The Classroom Management System is an integral part of Student Management Software. Thus, it comes included with the system, which may cost anywhere between Rs.5 to Rs.60 per student per month.

EduSys Pricing

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What is Classroom Management Software?

The Classroom Management Software is a centralized digital ecosystem for teachers, students, and parents to connect each others. Simplify course creation & LMS, document sharing, images, videos, homework management and real-time student’s activities or behavior tracking are major features of it. The application helps any educational institutions (Childcare, K-12 School, Coaching & Training Classes, College and University) go to a paperless system. Furthermore, easily the educators can assign homework to the students, students can discuss their study related issues online and submit solved homework, and parents can track the growth of their kids.

What is the cost of Classroom Management Software?

Generally, the cloud-based Classroom Management Software cost for basic package $5 per year per student which may be negotiating as per student count and number of educational institutes, and setup charge & government tax will be extra.