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Edusys School ERP School Management Software

Unified School ERP Software

The EduSys school ERP software is a cloud-based school management software/ administration tool designed and developed for k-12 institutions so that they can streamline and automate their schools' day-to-day operation and activities. By doing so institutions can simplify the works of/for admins, staff, teachers, parents, and students. It simplifies all such tasks and operations by taking care of SIS, library, dormitory, payroll & finance, digital diary, alumni, smart id card & GPS tracker, and more.

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Simplified School Software for PC, Mobile, Laptop, and more

All-in-one School Software solution layout has designed and developed fully responsive and smooth; can be easily render on a variety of devices, automatically adjust and adapt to any screen sizes, browser, and operating system such as Mobile, Smartphones, Tablet, Phablet, Laptop, Desktop, Windows, Chrome, Safari, Linux/ Ubuntu and more.

School Software compatible in Mobile, Laptop, Tab

Features of School Management Software (ERP)

K-12 Student Information System

The SIS automate entire student-life-cycle in K-12 School; recruiting, admission, curriculum, ID Card, e-learning (LMS), homework, attendance, exam, fee tracking, schedule, transfer, termination and more. It is secure, robust, and 24x7 accessible for students, parents and staff from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Homework & Classroom Management

A Like Google Classroom and Microsoft OneNote, Edusys has also inbuilt classroom management tools to bridge up students & educators, manage curriculum & lesson plan, LMS, online exam, file sharing, Homework, and more. Teachers can monitor each student progress; whereas, parent can also observer their child progression.

Communication: Email, SMS, Chat, Notification

Engage parent, students, teachers/ faculty, and staff with advance self-service communication tools such as Chatbot, app notification, Email and SMS. Easy to create event, festival, special occasion personalized messaging template and trigger in bulk.

Attendance, Calendar and Timetable

All-in-one robust & real time tracking attendance management system with integrated biometric and RFID (Fingerprint, smart card, Facial recognition and NFC devices), mobile/GPS, and Excel. Auto generate academy calendar, timetable schedules and send reminders automatically.

Multi-Branch & Franchise Management

Simplified & centralized school franchise management system solution helps to track and manage royalty’s fees, product catalogue, item stock & order management (e-commerce), end-to-end daily operations, and more. Private School and State Government Education Board can also streamline, track and manage multi-school, student database, midday meal, scholarship, and more.

Grading, Report Card & Certificate Tool

Customize and personalize layout, logo, content and make good-looking template format to generate bulk different type of certificate such as mark sheet/ report card, transfer & leaving, excellence, award, gradebook and more. And also, generate weekly, monthly and yearly report to take business design, affiliated board specific and audit.

School Management Software Demo

The school management software demo video in English script is a basic overview of ERP and explains what it is, how it works, install and setup. You can also schedule on-demand demo session in your time.

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What is School management software?

The School management software or administration system is a large integrated application programmed for K-12 education establishments. It is designed to help the latter to manage their big database, engage parent & families, streamline entire campus activity, create custom reports for business decision, manage & track inventory for multiple branches / franchise in central repository, simplify communication with Chatbot and more.

What are the main modules of School Management Software?

The School management software main modules are Student Information System (SIS), CRM, ERP, biometric RFID attendance & timetable, Learning Management System (LMS), finance and payroll management, classroom & assessment, result & gradebook/ report card management, communication (Bulk SMS, email, and app notification), bus GPS tracking, lesson plan & worksheet generator, examination management, academy calendar & history management, API, and many more.

What is School ERP?

The School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process used to organise, streamline, manage and track all the resources associated with the institution from entrants (students, teachers, staff and others), furniture, books, money, and many more. The ERP software helps with all these end-to-end processes automatically.

Furthermore, there are a lot of freemium and open source School ERP Softwares or SIS such as Moodle (LMS), OpenSIS, Koha, Blackboard, FET, Powerschool, Google Education, Microsoft Onenote and others which are expensive or require more customization to integrate with the Indian education ecosystem. India is divided into 29 states and 9 union territories, thus have a very complex schooling system. Be that it may, typically, they can be divided into four levels: Early Education (Anganwadi, Daycare, Playschool/Preschool), Primary (1st to 8th), High (9th to 10th) and Higher Secondary/ Inter/ Junior College (11th and 12th). But the good thing is that all elementary to secondary school educators rely on a single national curriculum framework defined by the NCERT.

EduSys team has dug out all these levels of educational Institutes to build an ERP Tool and host it on cloud system. It is very user friendly, 24x7 accessible from anywhere and can be easily managed by any state government, NIOS, CBSE, CISCE, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB), Boarding and International academy curriculum.

Who can use School Management Software?

Members of the Institute who are authorized by the super admin can access the ERP system via website & mobile apps. Some of the designations are below ...

  1. District Leadership – Coordinator
  2. District Leadership – Director
  3. District Leadership – Superintendent/ Asst. Super
  4. District Specialist / Facilitator / Support staff
  5. Curriculum Director/Coordinator
  6. Federal Programs Director/Coordinator
  7. Instructional Coach
  8. Librarian/Media Specialist
  9. Non-instructional Staff
  10. Paraprofessional
  11. Paraprofessional/non-instructional staff
  12. Principal & Asst. Principal
  13. Vice Principal
  14. School - Tech or Curriculum Staff
  15. School Specialist / Coordinator or Support staff
  16. Special Education Director/Coordinator
  17. Staff Development Director/Coordinator
  18. Superintendent
  19. Superintendent - Assistant
  20. Teacher / Instructor / Librarian / faculty
  21. Parent
  22. Student
  23. Bus Driver
  24. Technology Director/Coordinator
  25. Other authorized user

What are the benefits of Cloud-based School Management Software?

The benefits of having SAAS or online School Management System:

  1. Lower costs
  2. New releases or upgrades get reflect quickly
  3. Scalability and easy integration
  4. Highly Secured, Encrypted and Robust
  5. Responsive & Accessible from Android, IOS and other hardware device
  6. 24x7 availability and accessible anywhere & anytime
  7. Edtech helps for Branding
  8. Responsive to Mobile (Parent App, Student App, and Admin App)
  9. Fee Payment: online fee collection system via robust payment gateway, digital wallet and UDI
  10. Online admission system
  11. Multilingual Fonts: support International & regional language

Does School management software support regional languages?

Yes. It has multilingual fonts, therefore supports India’s all 22 regional languages such as English, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, and others.

Does it ideal for Indian schooling system?

Yes. Edusys team has analysed 1000+ school data and their curriculum from different cities of India such as Hyderabad, Delhi/NCR, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Patna, Gujarat, Surat, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Pune and more to build a cloud based system.

What is the cost of School management software in India?

Generally, The School management software (ERP) price varies as following: Rs.12 to Rs.40 per student/month or annually Rs.50,000/Year or more, depending on student capacity and number of modules.

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