A Cloud Student Management Suite

EduSys Cloud-based Student Management Suite incorporates simple automotive tools to manage and organise students’ database, attendance, information, healthcare records, etc., by providing simple-to-use online and web-based management software to streamline, computerize, customize and, simplify administrative tasks whilst ensuring a proper blended environment for candidates.


Student Information System Features

Student Database Management System

EduSys Cloud-based Student Database Management System provides safe and secure platform to store student information such as admission details, attendance, family records, etc., efficiently. The software computerizes documentation by digitizing all the essential students’ personal as well as academic data. This subsequently eliminates the laborious practise of repetition and duplication.

Online Fee Collection System

Easily collect all sorts of fee payments online, as well as offline, with EduSys Fee Collection System. The software in partnership with leading banks and Payment Gateways like PayU and PayPal provides users a sophisticated platform to transfer and collect payments right from student admission and academic fees to library challans. Moreover, the software automates fee receipt and invoice generation.

Attendance Management System

EduSys incorporates tools to automate students attendance management by seamlessly integrating with advanced technological Biometric and RFID based system. The software eliminated the risk of fraudulent manipulation by precisely monitoring, recording, and storing students attendance, entry and exit timings to classes at schools, colleges, universities, and coaching intuitions.

GPS Tracking System

EduSys includes real-time bus and fleet GPS tracking system to monitor and track the location and whereabouts of students and vehicles remotely from any place on a smart mobile device or a computer. The tracker system effortlessly affixes with institution-owned school buses / vans thereby enabling the management as well as the parents / guardians to track vehicles at all times.

What is the price of Student Information System Software?

The price of Student Information System (SIS) depends upon the strength of the students in the institution. Generally the price costs varies anywhere between Rs.5 to Rs.70 per student per month.

EduSys Pricing

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