All-in-one LMS/ Course Management System

EduSys’s All-in-one Course Management System/ Learning Management System (LMS) provides simplified Web and Cloud-based management solutions to automate, digitise, organise, and manage courses, LMS, syllabus, curriculums, documents and study materials for students, and many more thereby eliminating the paper dependency. The system provides sophisticated e-learning environment and tools to document, track, report and deliver education in form of online courses and training programs.


Learning Management System Features

Supports various content formats

Easily share documents in various content formats with students and fellow members with EduSys Course Management System. The software encourages, and supports creation and exchange of study materials and notes in any PDF, Word (.doc), Audio & Video, Images, and other formats. This way teachers and management can eliminate dependency on paper and adapt to modern e-learning LMS techniques.

Document Management System

Organise, Manage, and coordinate important documents relating to courses, syllabus, class lesson plans, curriculum and other resources with EduSys Document Management System. The software enables administrators, teachers and student to seamlessly exchange documents over the web.

Personalized Learning. Assignment, Quiz & To-do

With EduSys, teachers and administrators can focus and emphasise on personalised learning by creating unique assignments, quiz, gamification, homework, tests, to-do list, etc. By concentrating on personalised, active, and social-emotional learning, one can ensure that the education reaches every student equally and at the same time assure that each student learns at his/her own phase and time.

Access & modify anytime, from everywhere

EduSys incorporates tools for teachers to access and modify documents, worksheets, and study materials at any time and from anywhere. This way the teachers can ensure that, the students are up-to-date with the lessons, courses, and classroom activities. Moreover, the software empowers the students to go through the updated materials easily.

What is the price of LMS Software?

The Course Management System is an integral part of Student Management Software. Thus, it comes included with the software, which usually costs Rs.5 to Rs.60 per student per month.

EduSys Pricing

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What is Learning Management System (LMS)?

The Learning Management Systems are a basic piece of the e-Learning structure and advancement process, particularly designed in the event of imparting education to substantial number of students.

LMS is a product application for the organization, documentation, tracking, evaluating and conveyance of education and training programs. It’s an idea rose specifically from e-Learning. In schools, colleges and universities LMS offer classroom management for instructor-led training.

Why EduSys Learning Management System?

EduSys online cloud-based LMS empowers students to study at their own pace along with emphasizing on time-management. It also helps administration to track the advancements and report the aftereffects of student’s academics from a single place.

The application LMS encourages staff with variety of e-learning choices to create lesson plan, design courses, allot assignments, tutor topics via videos and pictures, make practice questions and conduct tests and exams.

What are the benefits of Learning Management System?

The benefits and advantages of using EduSys Learning Management System Modules are:

  1. Easy-to-use and adaptable
  2. Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving
  3. E-Learning: Centralized and Blended learning
  4. Online Cloud-based: No risk of loss of data.
  5. Create and modify lesson plans
  6. Assign and distribute assignments and projects
  7. Conduct and notify about exams and test
  8. Publish results
  9. Design courses in video, audio and picture formats
  10. Track, evaluate and report performance of students
  11. Enhance and improve communication between staff and students
  12. Personalized approach to individual student