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India's #1 School Management Mobile App (Android & ios) used by CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Board Administrators to bring Parents, Teachers, and Student together.

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School App Features

  • Fees Payment

    Collection & Management your School Fees Online

  • Web, Android & iOS App

    Access Anywhere, Anytime & Anydevice

  • Attendance Management

    Automate & Track Attendance System

  • Student Information System

    Manage Database of Student on phone

  • Chat & Communication

    Connect each other within Campus

  • Notifications & Updates

    Send alerts for important activities

  • Timetable & Schedule

    Manage timetable of class, exam and Event

  • Classroom & Curriculum

    Transform your classroom into digital world

How EduSys School App Works?


Let’s understand how EduSys Fee School App works in three simple steps …

Download App

Install and Set Up to bring staff, parents, and students onboard.

Notify People

Send notification about the app to parents, teachers, students and staffs

Enjoy App

Monitor & Track Student & Staff, anywhere & anytime

Download Free EduSys School App

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What is School App?

The School App is a window/ iOS/ Android ERP mobile application designed to bring for Parents, Teachers, Head Masters/ Principal/ Directors, and Students together. It helps administrator to send notification, track Student attendance, manage Teacher and Staff, Parents can monitor their kid, make online fee payment, and more, Student can attend online Test, view result, access their profile, and more.

How much does it cost to build a School Mobile App?

The School Mobile App building cost varies from Rs. 3 to 5Lakh with feature like attendance, report card, online test/Exam, fees payment, etc. Additionally, server maintenance costs somewhere between Rs.5000 – 10,000 every month.

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