Centralized Campus Management System

The Campus Management System software centralises and automates day-to-day campus and department operations in educational institutions or non-profit organisation by coordinating all the divisions working inside the campus including library, accounts, transportation, inventory, security wing and others. The system empowers the administrations to cultivate better management techniques to the efficiency manage, organise and oversee all the departments and general activities in the institution.


Features of Campus Management Software

Library Management

Automate library management by digitising procedures such as cataloguing, issuing, tracking, collecting and recording library items such as books, magazines, newspapers, eBooks, etc. Moreover, impose fines and challans on defaulters for late returns and damages caused on borrowed items. Additionally, provide students an online platform to check availability of books, request extensions, and many more.

Transport Management

Manage and oversee the institution-owned-vehicles and track them in real-time with GPS tracking using the Bus & Transport Management System. Enhance safety of students and passengers by regularly performing checks on the vehicles and, allotting qualified bus drivers and attendants. The System empowers administrators, students, and parents to monitor the vehicles’ whereabouts, pit stops, pickup and drop-off point.

Inventory Management

Effectively manage and track orders, deliveries, and institution assets such as computers, printers, audio & video equipment, tools, materials, library books, projectors, cleaning products, desks, etc. using the automated inventory Management System. Secure and track inventory items by generating QR codes and barcodes on the items.

Visitor management

Monitor and track who enters and leaves the campus premises effectively with Visitor Management System. Ensure security and enhance accountability by efficiently managing the visitors on the campus. Record purpose of the visits, people’s whereabouts and location precisely by issuing passes and ID cards.

What is the price of Campus Management Software?

The price of Campus Management Software costs around Rs.5 to Rs.70 depending upon the strength of the institution and the service vendor provider.

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