End-to-End Online Exam Management System

EduSys Cloud-based End-to-End Online Exam Management System simplifies examination planning and organisation by allowing the management to generate Hall Tickets, Allocating Examination Halls & Invigilators, create Question Papers, generate Progress & Report Cards, etc. Moreover, the system untangles the difficulties involved in creating assignments, tests and exam for student; at the same time empowers the students to attend the exams according to their availability through an app or online.


Online Exam Software Features

Support different Type of Question

EduSys allows teachers and administrators to create verities of tests and examination papers with different types of question patterns such as Multiple-choice, True or False, Objective and Descriptive type questions, Fill in the Blanks, etc., on a secure Exam Management System. The Cloud storage feature eliminates any sort abuse and manipulation of data by eliminating the security risks involved in dedicating the papers.

Auto Check & Instant Result

Automatically evaluate assignments, tests and exams, and generate results instantly with EduSys. The software incorporates tools to check the answers of students marked on the sheet, such as OMR papers, by comparing them with the actual right answers. Post evaluation, the scores/ marks/ results occur instantly thereby elimination the time-consuming method of manual evaluation.

Create Question Bank & Test Series

Create Question Bank & Test Series for students with EduSys online by orderly organizing selective and suitable questions. The software facilitates a secure, reliable, and un-manipulative platform for the students to attend the tests and exams at ease on computers, tablets and other smart devices.

Certification & Grade Card Generator

Design variety of certificates and report cards for different classes with EduSys Certification & Grade Card Generator. The software allows teachers and administrators to draft unique templates and formats for multiple usage, at the same time printout and generate the final layouts in bulk.

What is the price of Online Exam Software?

The Exam Management System is an integral part of Student Management Software. Since it comes included with the software, its price costs anywhere between 1$ to 10$ per Student per month.

EduSys Pricing

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