End-to-End Library Management Solution

Organise, digitise and manage library more efficiently with EduSys’s End-to-End Library Management Solution. The software simplifies the tasks of librarians and administrator by providing automation and robust platform to issue books, track the status of the items, impose and collect fines from defaulters, etc. Additionally, the system empowers the users with the digital capability to check the status of the books/ items and request extensions while borrowing.


Library Management Software Features

Barcode Generator & Reader

Secure books and library products by marking them with machine-readable bar codes. EduSys allows librarians and administrators to issue books/ items at the same time track their status using Barcode Generator and Reader. Moreover, the software facilitates the authorities to impose fines/ challans on defaulters for failing to return the borrowed items on time.

Resource & Books Management System

EduSys includes robust Resource & Books Management System for the librarians to organise and manage books, magazines, CDs, and various other library items easily. The system simplifies arrangement methods by supplying the custodians with the essential information like category, type, where-it-belongs, section, etc., while arranging the items.

Fees & Fine Collection System

EduSys empowers the library administrators to charge the defaulters with fines/ challans for not returning the borrowed items on time, or for causing any damages to the products. Additionally, the software allows the management to assign and collect variety of fines for different faults seamlessly.

Issue, Return and Anti-Theft Management

EduSys simplifies the work of the librarians and the administrators by providing sophisticated computerised and anti-theft management system tools to issue books/ items, collect the returned products, and impose fines on defaulters. The software incorporates simple-to-use interface that enhances security and prevents thievery by constantly keeping a track of the items.

What is the price of Library Management Software?

The Library Management System comes included with the Institution ERP Software, which price costs between Rs.5 to Rs.60 per student per month.

EduSys Pricing

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What is Library Management System?

The Library Management Software application helps students as well as faculty to effortlessly review, borrow, and oversee library items like Magazine, daily paper, books, course, and many more. It assists librarians with arranging, recording, and cataloguing all the available and borrowed books and materials by providing a user-friendly platform. Moreover, the system empowers authorities to compute fines/ penalties on defaulters while keep up the historical backdrop of transactions.

What are the benefits of Library Management System?

The Benefits and Advantages of Library Management System are:

  1. Manage/organize/collocate library books
  2. View/Edit/Delete/Add books
  3. Explore/survey available books
  4. Reserve books by ransacking through book catalogue
  5. Limit distribution of library items to desired users
  6. Generate unique bar code for every Library Item within Coda Bar Standards
  7. Keep track of issued books, books-to-be-returned and returned books while imposing fines for the defaulters
  8. Notify defaults about delay/overdue in books-returns using contact details
  9. Generate receipts or challans to defaulters for damages or late-returns on borrowed items
  10. Immediate updates on available and borrowed books without any errors
  11. Labor-saving data management: Since the data is managed using online Cloud, all the information can be accessed securely without a fear of losing it
  12. Highly secure, reliable and efficient; helps Librarian in systemizing items