Edtech Disadvantages & Advantages (2022) - LMS, CRM, ERP

Edtech Disadvantages & Advantages (2022) - LMS, CRM, ERP

Educational technology (Edtech) Advantages & Disadvantages are described below.

Advantages of Edtech

The benefits of educational technology in education are enormous and are very difficult to list. In general, educational institutions that have been using or essayed Edtech saw these common advantages:

Automation: Fully Automatic

Edtech applications are automated to prevent human errors in accounting, registration, employment, and other divisions in educational foundations. Anywhere from cataloging student info, calculating staff salaries, trailing vehicles, tracking attendance of both students as well as faculty, to even generating fee receipts can be executed using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP )Software.

Enhance Creativity & Visualization

Theoretical subjects of music, science, and maths are simpler to comprehend when taught with pictures, videos, and animations. It's best to teach topics with visual art than with textbooks. With Edtech tools, students can properly utilize the internet and go online to make presentations, attend tests and assignments, learn via Learning Management System (LMS) and do more creative things.

Be Paperless

Going paperless is a prevalent and beneficial route for educational institutions to save money. By utilizing technological resources like the internet, ERP Software, and mobile applications, educators can effectively teach better and save time by recording files online and printing important articles and documents (timetable, academic curriculum, report cards, etc.) onto smart devices in electronic formats; thereby decreasing the usage of paper.

Incessant Learning

Edtech upgraded classrooms benefits and cultivates open doors for better teaching and learning in classrooms and at home by bringing LMS and Auto Grading at hand using computers, software programming, and smart gadgets. This study technology drives students and helps them structure, and make arrangements for good learning even at home with the Internet.


Evaluating tests, papers, and assignments and publishing grades take a lot of time. Utilizing Edtech ERP Grading Software permit automatization, self-assessments, peer evaluations, and sooner rather than later, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will be relied upon to a point that they can be utilized for reviewing examinations.

Improve Student-Teacher Collaboration

Educators can assist each and every student with in-classroom and in-home activities, without actually being present, and enhance interaction with them using a well-designed LMS and ERP application. Advanced tools can keep students dynamic, and guide and bolster them when required by providing effective digital e-learning.

Disadvantages of Edtech

The drawbacks of Edtech are very minimal. With mostly only benefits, it has a few countable disadvantages.

  • Often, Edtech Applications face technical difficulties due to bugs in software programming.
  • Only, people who are accustomed to regular use of smartphones or computers can operate the application.
  • Extensive modules and features in the software make it difficult for the users to use the application.
  • In the Absence of internet-network, it is difficult for the users to access the applications, which is a significant disadvantage.
  • The risk of data mishandling might be bothersome; but all these drawbacks can be evaded by choosing proper, cost-efficient, and best software that best benefits an organization.

How to Overcome the Drawbacks?

EduSys is devoted to conveying an automated ERP framework to every educational institution. It is an Online Management System application designed for administration to systematize the running of institution: from registering students into school/ college, assigning entrants and wardens to dormitories, trailing school-owned vehicles, tracking students, faculty, and employees’ attendance, fee payments, creating assignments, to publishing results, any operation is simplified. Thus, proliferating effectiveness and efficiency.

  03 May 2022
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