Gradebook Software - College & School Teachers Grading App & Cloud System(2022)

Gradebook Software - College & School Teachers Grading App & Cloud System(2022)

Grades are really important to evaluate students and crucial to analyzing their capacity, mentality, and rank in class. This gives educators a perspective on how to deal with each individual student while ensuring proper impartation of knowledge. Earlier, teachers relied on paper report cards to mark and distribute grades to students. This put students' mark sheets in the open which made low-performing candidates prone to discouragement and low self-esteem. While teachers were obligated to distribute the report openly, they preferred much discreet and simpler ways to conduct the procedure. This necessity urged educational scholars to adopt technology and create online Gradebooks.

A grade book is an electronic adaptation of a notebook that fills in as a unique interlink between educators and students. Therefore, empowering instructors to track the headways and scores of all students from elementary, K-12, high school to college levels.

EduSys Gradebook is a cloud-based application with a special center tool for teachers to make, store, convey and review data, spreadsheets, and exam results of students online on the web. It has been planned on the equivalent back-end with technological highlights and upgrades.


  • Gradebook stores all information about a student's progressions in all courses, assessing both letter assessments and course results
  • Gradebook encourages educators to adequately make, enter and scatter grades for understudies separately while helping as a lesson planner
  • Upload and download Gradebook as a report in PDF and Excel formats
  • Manual section of scores/evaluations of students
  • Automatic computation of percentage, percentile, grades, and conclusive evaluations
  • Gradebook provides teachers with simple grade book templates to enter, alter and distribute results consistently
  • Enables educators to dole out and inform understudies about assignments
  • Allows students to audit reviews by evaluating assignment/ homework periods and task accommodation dates
  15 Apr 2022
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