All-in-one Outcome-based Education System Solution

EduSys provides necessary and required all-in-one Outcome-based Education System, which is one of a critical criteria for educational institutions like college and university trying to seek NAAC or NBA Accreditation. The software includes robust toolkit for Examination automation, Planning and Development including e-procurement, E-learning, ICT, Psychometric test, Integrated LMS, Student Progression & Performance Tracking and many more that enhance the outcome-based teaching and learning techniques which help students’ perceive education and concepts of the subject at end of the course.


Outcome-based Education (OBE) Software Features

Advance Students Performance Tracking Tool

EduSys provides advance progress monitoring tools for educators to track the academic and non-academic development, achievements, accomplishments, and growth of students constantly with the performance tracking system. The software facilitates the administration with latest ways to monitor student progress in the classroom by recording and evaluating marks, behaviour, assignments, etc., of students.

Easy for Assignments & Assessments

EduSys allows educators/ teachers to create and allot courses and assignments for students online. Additionally, the software empowers the students to make presentations, attend tests and assignments, self-assess, and learn through LMS. Moreover, the auto-grading digitizes and significantly redesigns educational institutions by facilitating the educators to evaluate tests, exams, assignments, and publishing results instantly.

Automate OBE Report Generation

EduSys incorporates comprehensive OBE Report Generation tool for education institutions following the Outcome-based Education System for assessment and evaluation methods to grade students on their academics, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The software automates assessment and grading progress by computerizing report card generation, evaluation, and result publication procedures.


EduSys includes robust LMS for OBE to cultivate better teaching and learning methods by opening doors to latest online personalised E-learning and Auto-grading platforms. The software empowers educators to teach complex theoretical subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Music, Art, etc., easily by allowing them to create online presentations, multimedia animations, videos, images, etc. Utilising LMS enhances student-teacher collaboration and allows students to learning from anywhere and at any time.

What is the price of Outcome-based Education Software?

The price of Outcome-based Education System generally depends on the strength of the students and, its price cost varies between Rs.5 to Rs.70 per student per month.

EduSys Pricing

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