Integrated solutions for Alumni Management

Connect & engage your institutions’ alumni relations and network with the Integrated Alumni Management Software. Provide alumni portal system for the graduated candidates to apply for memberships, make donations, interact with the administration, merry over highlights and past, receive newsletters, interact with fellow members, and many more. Seamlessly record, maintain, and modify the data in the database directory.


Features of Alumni Management Software

Alumni Database Management

Store, organise, manage and synchronize alumni’s social media, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact details to the Cloud thereby digitizing and securing the alumni database management. Moreover, seamlessly integrate the contact information with the CRM and Communications system to contact, engage, and connect with the candidates at any time.

Fundraising & Event management

Have an idea to raise money for a good purpose or cause, utilise the Fundraising & Event Management to organise events, send invitations, and meet the goals by providing the alumni members, donors, and campaigners a platform to contribute funds. Cultivate new donors while retaining the old ones by personalising the outreach programs, simplifying donation process and enabling the alumni to present grants via online transactions.

Auto SMS, E-mail, and Notification

Catch up and interact with the alumni members by informing and notifying them about the institution achievements and news, upcoming events, special occasions, etc., via SMS and E-mail Notifications. Dispatch free messages in bulk by simply selecting the phone number and email addresses of alumni from the database.

Alumni Certificate Generator

Recognize and appreciate the achievements, success and, contributions of alumni by awarding and honouring them with certificates. Utilise the Alumni Certificate Generator to create and printout custom certificates for candidates.

What is the price of Alumni Management Software?

Alumni Management Software is an integral part of Institution ERP Management System and comes included with the system. The System’s price generally costs anywhere between 1$ - 20$ /student/month depending upon the vendor.

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