All-in-one Account management software

The EduSys Accounting & Billing Software is an advance cloud-based bookkeeping / finance / account management system application for educational institutes (Childcare, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Coaching institute) to simplify & make error free accountant works such as fees collection, payroll & salary, expense wallet & petty transaction, and more.


Features of Accounting & Billing Software

Digital Bookkeeping Tool

Advance Digital Bookkeeping modules make paperless accounting for non-profit organization so accountant can easily manage and track all financial journal & laser and access from anytime and anywhere.

Global Tax Management

Hassle-free EduSys global tax management system supports multiple countries country and state taxation system such as GST, VAT, etc., and helps to auto generate invoices and statements.

Fees & Donation Management

Fees, fine, scholarship and other student related financing operations can manage by accountant on EduSys cloud system and accessible by all department such as Hostel, Library, Laboratory, Examination, etc. And also have an advance donor management solution which will accommodate all fundraising and donation activities with real-time tracking & reporting dashboard.

Payroll & Salary Management

Apart from recording daily employee attendance, the EduSys ERP system also generate payroll and computes everybody's salary based on employees' benefits, holidays and the amount of day or hour worked. In built features for finance department such salary slip generator, auto reminder notification, advance salary management and more. Moreover, it’s centralize system so HR department can easily access these data.

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Numerous school, college and university educational associations have been using MS Excel to protect, outline, break down and record institution's finances. Since, the application is multidisciplinary and widely inclusive; customizing it according to associations needs with extra required necessities is not possible. In light of such needs, modifiable Accounting Software application were designed with significance of Accounts in mind.

What is Account Management Software?

An Account Management Software is application to manage and track financial operations such as journal entries, payroll & salary, invoice generation etc. EduSys accounting & billing software is built for education institute, so it supports donation and crowdfunding functional module. As EduSys ERP is a cloud base application, it can easily integrate with desktop application like tally.

What is the price of Accounting & Billing Software?

The cost of non-profit organization accounting & billing software depends on various factors like package sizes, add-ons, number of students, financial transactions, etc. Generally, the system costs between $0.50 to $5.0 per month, per student.

What are the benefits of Accounting & Billing Software?

The Benefits and Advantages of Accounting & Billing Software are:

  1. Fee payment and Tax Calculation
  2. Fee receipt Generation
  3. Cloud-Based: Automatic Data Backup
  4. Customized Reports
  5. Enumerate Payable and Paid Taxes
  6. Record items purchased and sold with history
  7. Manage Payrolls and Electronic Tax Filing
  8. Accommodate direct deposit and Checks
  9. Generate customized Graphs on reports
  10. Notify Advance and Due in Payments
  11. Ensure security for assembled Digital Data
  12. Consolidation of institution’s Financial Statements
  13. Easy-to-use: Track and Record Fee Transactions
  14. Customization: Organize Ledgers, Balance Sheets, Profit/Loss Statements
  15. Maintain detail records on payments
  16. Eliminate errors and manual calculations!
  17. No later payments and never miss a payment
  18. Makes childcare billing, invoicing a breeze
  19. Record all expenses and income in journal entry
  20. Track transactions of due /paid fees for each student or batch
  21. Secure, automated payments process will collect fees on-time and accurately
  22. Save time by automating the administrative tasks that steal hours away from your day
  23. Schedule fees and generate automated fee reminders for pending payments with reduced maintenance
  24. Easily track each family’s balance including their history of registration fees, tuition charges, family discounts and payments received

What are the specification of Accounting & Billing Software?

Specification Details
Non-profit AccountingYes
Payroll & Salary ManagementYes
Cash & Online PaymentsYes
Student Fees TrackingYes
Due TrackingYes
Tax ManagementYes; GST, VAT and more
Donation ManagementYes
Billing & InvoicingYes
Expense TrackerYes
PlatformCloud, SAAS, Mobile App (iOS & Android), Web
LanguageMultilingual; English, Hindi, French, and more
Support & TrainingOnline, Webinars, Documentation and others