Robust Cloud based Attendance Management system

EduSys’s robust Cloud-based Attendance Management System simplifies attendance tracking of both students and teachers. The software includes latest and secure tools to record, maintain and review the daily attendance easily by maintaining the data in the Cloud. Additionally, the system integrates seamlessly with the SMS and E-mail communication’s system to notify and report the attendance of students to their concerned parents/ guardians and teachers.


Biometric & RFID Attendance System Features

Support All Attendance Hardware

EduSys seamlessly integrates with all sorts of Biometric (Fingerprint and Face Recognition), RFID, and Electronic attendance hardware machine systems to deliver error-free, precise, and accurate attendance reports of staff and students. The generated reports can be transferred and accessed on mobile phones, computers and other smart devices.

Leave Management System

EduSys streamlines processing and managing staff time-offs. The software incorporates simple-to-use Leave Management System to organise, evaluate, and sanction personal, paid, and sick leaves for teachers and staff by automatically taking into consideration aspects such as leave balances, FMLA forms, institution’s policies, etc. Moreover, the system simplifies time-off requests and submission process by allowing the personals to appeal for leaves online.

Live Tracking from Anytime Anywhere

EduSys facilitates the school, college, university, and coaching institute administrators and teachers with real-time live tracking system to monitor and track the attendance of staff and students remotely at any time and from anywhere. Additionally, the system provides precise location of candidates informing their whereabouts, time spent in classroom, enter and exit timings, etc.

Absent Alert System

EduSys contains absent alert system tool to send SMS & E-mail notifications to the concerned respective individuals’ mobile phones or smart devices informing about the absenteeism. Adapting to automated absence management system enables the administrators to conform the absenteeism of teachers as well as students via electronic messages and calling; and take subsequent actions to compensate the day with qualified substitutes.

What is the price of Biometric & RFID Attendance Software?

The price of Attendance System depends on various aspects such as, the type of system opted i.e. Biometric or RFID-based, strength of students and staff, etc. Generally, the system costs between Rs. 5 to Rs.80 per individual per month(excluding the device and installation charges.)

EduSys Pricing

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