Integrated ERP Software for NBA & NAAC Accreditation Colleges (2022)

Integrated ERP Software for NBA & NAAC Accreditation Colleges (2022)

To maintain and preserve the quality and importance of education, ISO, OBE and Governing Body Reports (AICTE, NCTE, DTE, PCI, UGC, etc.) and the educational accreditation associations in India have bumped up the certification process. With help of the University Grants Commission of India, the organization bodies have passed some mandatory ordinances for higher education institutions trying to seek the accreditation. The two prominent accreditation bodies - NBA and NAAC - encourage institutions to implement Management Software and consider it as one of the criteria while accrediting a college or a university. Nevertheless, how does College ERP Software automates NBA/ NAAC Accreditation Institution and help it in achieving the status?

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It is important to note that the NBA accredits programs whereas the NAAC grades the institutions on the eight-grade ladder.

College ERP Software: One of the Criteria of NBA/ NAAC Accreditation

Education institutions, especially the tertiary ones such as, pharmacy, arts& science, architecture, engineering colleges, etc., planning to apply for the NAAC or NBA appeal are required to have the college ERP software implemented in anyone or all of their Student admission, Registration, Administration, Examination, Finance, Accounts, Payment procedures.

Earlier, the workflow of the accreditation bodies involved submission of report documents that details all the information of various departments such as, admissions, administration, library, human resources, transportation, etc., in the college; but now the organizations are insisting on digital copies and online reports to evaluate and access the colleges.


Now, it has become mandatory for colleges (offering diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs) seeking the accreditation, especially NAAC, to list the Higher education ERP software used, what it automates, the location of the company, its sample report interface along with various other necessary details. Having the best and recognized college automation software has proven to have brought more credits to the institution.

Improve Your Chance of NBA/ NAAC Accreditation With EduSys

EduSys College Management Software is a Web and Cloud-based ERP system designed for the college organisations to automate smooth organization and management of administrative operations such as student admission management, fee payments, transportation, library, enrolment, MIS reports (often requested by NAAC) and many more whist empowering the institutions with superior capabilities to stay standout from the other organisations. Its reputation has earned it a place in popular educational magazines and daily newspapers.

The accreditation helps to elevate the college procedures and performance at the same time putting the institution ahead in the challenge to offer quality education. This leads to widespread recognition and greater appreciation.

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Benefits of Having NAAC & NBA Accreditation

The accreditation helps colleges to access their strengths and weaknesses while giving the public an overview of the ranking. Having NBA and NAAC certification adds a great deal of strength to an institution.

  • Encourages the institutions to improve teaching standards
  • Encourages colleges to move alongside the developing world and technology
  • Improves student enrolment both in terms of quality and quantity
  • Helps the Institution in securing a place in global college and university ranking
  • Enhances placement opportunities for students and graduates
  • Facilitates recognition of degrees and mobility of graduates and professionals
  • Motivates faculty to participate actively in academic and departmental activities
  • Builds up the brand of the institution
  • Contributes to the social and economic development of the country
  • Motivates the educational colleges to provide quality education

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  16 Nov 2021
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