What is Student Result Management System? Advantage & Disadvantage

What is Student Result Management System? Advantage & Disadvantage

Student Result Management System is a technological opportunity for the school, college, university and coaching centre institutions searching for a secure, simple and alternative solution to the conventional paper-based exam results evaluation, reporting and distribution. Like any other software, the system comes with certain advantage and disadvantage. 

The software application unbelievably unravels and quickens the result management system with unique templates by providing the administration a secure database system for storing, evaluating and publishing the test scores and grades of candidates online. The database likewise allows the students to observe and gander at the exam results on the web at whatever point necessary.

The software exhibits some effortlessness in solving, adjusting and eradicating the problems in traditional result and examination management with automation system. One of the principal purposes of the system is to give the test results to the students in the as fundamental and exact way as possible. The administrator, teacher, professors, and staff can likewise modify and assess marks for the students whenever needed.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Student Result Management System

While looking for the advantage and disadvantage of the student result management system and the ways on how to create an effective exam result system and database, it is essential to note that it is possible to design the software in HTML or by using PHP & Bootstrap. Few open source codes are available for free download on the internet, too.

However, such freemium systems come with many complications and complexities. Thus, utilizing predesigned EduSys ERP software, that incorporates a reliable result management module, is often advised. By implementing it, educational institutions can eliminate errors and dependency and, improve exam and result management.

The application manages the information about various students along with the course they opted in different years, the marks secured by the distinctive students in various subjects in different semesters.

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Advantage of Student Result Management System

For Administration:

  • With student result management system, teachers, professors, and staff can create result analysis reports
  • Gradebook Management
  • Exam Timetable Management
  • Records marks and result on a single database
  • Add & manage students and Declare Results
  • Allot seat to students in exam halls
  • Integrate-able with fee management
  • Create exams and tests online
  • Present a solitary stage to deal with the preparation of all examination records inside the organization
  • Generate printouts of examination and test reports instantly
  • Send/ publish results to parents and students online
  • Record and search details of every exam/test, student wise/course wise
  • Admit Card/ Hall Ticket Generation
  • Calculate scores, percentages and grades

For Students:

  • Download report of the results in PDF format
  • View results of tests and exams online
  • Search test and exam scores with valid Roll number/ ID
  • View Semester Results for all Subjects from anywhere using smart devices
  • Request for re-evaluation

Disadvantage of Student Result Management System

  • The student result management system is prone to hacks
  • Administration cannot edit or modify scores after the deadline
  • Extensive modules and features make it difficult for a user to utilize the application
  • Minor technical glitches and issues
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  07 Jul 2020
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