How Inter/ Junior College Automation Software digitize The Campus

How Inter/ Junior College Automation Software digitize The Campus

Secondary educational Institutions in India and abroad have moved from the traditional management methods, which required a lot of paper and maximum human assistance, to more technological approaches like computer software to simplify administration. The intermediate and junior secondary schools are beginning to embrace the digital concept alongside the ERP software technology after realising how the Inter/ Junior College Automation Software digitizes the campus management cost-efficiently at a minimal human interference.

Today, the Automation technology is not simply bound to the business and manufacturing industry any longer; it (in this case the College ERP Software) has adequately united with the intermediate and junior colleges as well as the tertiary educational institutions to give the management a powerful system to automate and look over the administration techniques and operations respectively, whilst allowing teacher to teach and students to learn better.

College Automation System & Digital Campus

The Digital Campus concept, Software computing and Automation put together bring some of the best strategies such as Smart Classrooms, Multi-grade Classroom, Leaning Management System (LMS), E-learning etc. The purpose of the college software is simple; eliminate and computerize the conventional paperbound practices by introducing the Intermediate and Junior college institutions to the digital world thereby enhancing the capabilities, performance and management modus operandi.

Digital College Software encourages seamless circulation of the data among different modules and departments within the institution, while additionally allowing the data sharing between authoritative units and the management. Moreover, it makes the tedious registration, reporting, timetable creation, fee payment, staff & student management, etc., tasks free; at the same time empowers the college administration to concentrate more on the everyday day-to-day academic and regulatory operations in the institution.

Inter/ Junior College Automation Software

To defeat the existing manual and paper conditions and deal with the assets with more ideal proficiency, inter/ junior college institutions require a strong and coordinated College Automation Software system for their everyday and regular operations.

EduSys College Management System is through and through a Web and Cloud-based Higher Education Software designed and custom-made uniquely for junior, intermediate and tertiary college organizations to guarantee smooth organization and management of day-to-day regular operations such as student admission management, fee payments, transportation, attendance and many more.

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Benefits of Inter/ Junior College Automation Software

  • Reduces human-labour
  • Increases efficiency, and productivity
  • Improves decision taking
  • Enhances Real-time attendance
  • Optimises management
  • Eliminates paper usage
  • Streamlines Processes and Procedures
  • Gives better financial and strategic insights
  • Affordability and sustainability
  • Emphasise on accountability
  • Provides Better Insight over administration
  • Better optimization of data

Basic Modules of Inter/ Junior College Automation System

  • Admission & Enrolment Management
  • Student Management
  • Staff Management System
  • Fees / Finance Management
  • Student & Staff Attendance Management System
  • Examination & Result Management
  • Library Management System
  • Transportation Management
  • Curriculum & Timetable Management 
  • Inventory Management System
  • Online Payment Gateways
  • Enquiry Management
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

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  07 Jul 2020
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