What are Multi-Grade Classroom Advantages & Disadvantages?(2022)

What are Multi-Grade Classroom Advantages & Disadvantages?(2022)

What is a Multi-Grade Classroom?

The Multi-Grade Classroom framework contemplates the various specific conditions in rural education and sets up the structure so as to offer help to educators to covey classrooms, curriculum, syllabus, etc., seamlessly to individuals.

The Multi-Grade school is the main feasible school arrangement formulated to centre around enhancing the teaching and learning conditions for students' mental and physical growth.

EduSys’s Multi-Grade classroom exhibits an amazing instructive tool for advancing autonomous and individualized learning. This sort of teaching and learning is an incredible focal point since the education program is acclimated to the explicit needs of the individuals and consequently adds to better learning results.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi-Grade Classroom?

Advantages of Multi-Grade Classroom

  • A Multi-grade class brings together students and teachers while preparing better stages of development in a learning environment.
  • Students Performance: Students can develop healthier social relationships, positive attitudes and enhance leadership, organization, listening, sharing, and many other important skills
  • Easy-to-Use: Teachers can create effective syllabus and curriculums plans for students
  • Improve Learning: Problem-solving, higher-level thinking, and learning methods develop at an earlier point with multi-grade classrooms; simply because of the immersion experience that brings students together
  • Student-Teacher Relationship: A Single teacher, or the group of teachers responsible for the multi-grade classroom, typically stays with the same students until they graduate to the next level. This garners the opportunity for students to work with the same teachers for several years instead of having to meet new teachers at the beginning of each new school year.
  • Pre-learning and Re-teaching: Students are continuously exposed to re-teaching, as they listen in on, and benefit from lessons that are being taught. Students are also exposed to pre-teaching. This both prepares and stimulates the young students thinking.
  • Better Classroom Management and Organisation
  • The teacher can teach two and more grades at the same time

Disadvantages of Multi-Grade Classroom

  • A multi-Grade system is difficult to implement in large schools with a heavy population
  • Textbooks in use for teaching only meet the need for mono-grade teaching
  • schools practicing multi-grade teaching often suffer from inadequate material resources
  • In remote areas, teachers’ passivity, irregularity, ill planning, non-accountability, and engagement in non-academic pursuits create and maintain a low school profile
  28 Apr 2022
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