What is smart board? Price, Software, How to use it

What is smart board? Price, Software, How to use it

A Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard (IWB) technology originally designed for business associations and corporate companies to conduct online conferences and display presentations. As time passed, the technology perked into the education sector replacing the traditional blackboard and chalk teaching method in the classroom. The interactive digital boards for classrooms appear very similar to a large LED television (TV) set or a computer, depending upon the size, but generally differ from the latter by facilitating users (teachers) with additional technological features such as touch screens, projectors, Learning Management System (LMS) integration, etc.

The electronic smart whiteboard empowers teachers to teach in real-time by transforming a regular classroom into a smart class. The vast capabilities of the board enable it to seamlessly integrate with the education technology such as LMS as well as mobile phones to impart education more efficiently using audios and videos lessons, multimedia & PPT presentations, 2D & 3D animations, etc. This way educators can concentrate on personalized learning whilst ensuring the teaching reaches every student, with different levels of understanding, equally.

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How to Use a SmartBoard?

A smartboard, generally fixed to a wall, comes with a touch screen facility and a smartpen, which serves the same purpose as chalk on a blackboard. A user utilizes the pen to write on the board or integrate it with a computer to showcase presentations, videos, etc. Moreover, the boards for school, college, and university classrooms are equipped with the facility to expand the features and capabilities by easily connecting to projectors, and smartly integrating with LMS software applications and the Internet.

How much does a SmartBoard Cost?

Global electronic companies such as Samsung and LG specialize in Smart Technology by manufacturing smart boards for both business and classroom purposes with the latest technology. These interactive smart whiteboards' cost price depends upon the service provider and usually varies from 700 USD to 1500 USD.

  15 Apr 2022
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