What is ICT in Education? Advantage & Disadvantage(2022)

What is ICT in Education? Advantage & Disadvantage(2022)

Are you an educated person trying to understand what is ICT in Education, its advantages and disadvantages? Its full form is Information and Communication Technology. Thou the abbreviation sounds very corporate, it successfully incorporates into every field, including the educational sector, to provide the management with a diverse set of technological tools, definitions, and resources to create, store, communicate, manage and optimize the information.

Today, ICT has progressed to become an integral part of the education system. Educational organizations in countries like Australia, India, Finland, the UK, the USA, South Korea, Nigeria, and others are intensely utilizing the ICT curriculum and development to resolve the communication and technological differences.

Wikipedia presents five different types of ICTs namely, Print, Audio/Video, Radio and TV, Computers, and the Internet to serve the Haddad and Draxler’s five levels of its concept in education technology namely, presentation, demonstration, drill, and practice, interaction, and collaboration to add value to teaching and learning, simplify administration procedures and operations while running educational institution such as a school, college or a university; promote the significance of smart classroom, enhance stimulating and engaging multi-grade classroom methods and mainly, abridge the gap between the management and the guardians.

The objective of ICT is to connect the gap between the parents, educators, and students by prompting viable, cooperative, and straightforward modes of communication. It likewise gives advanced information exchanging ways for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities to pass on or exchange information. Thus, it plays a very crucial role in education, especially in the administration and management of institutions.

10+ Disadvantages of ICT in Education

Just like any other technology, ICT comes with certain limitations. While most educational specialists empathize with putting aside the few disadvantages, few still argue otherwise and essay the drawbacks of using technology in education.

  1. Misleading and misguiding information
  2. Risk of cyber attacks and hacks
  3. A risk to the traditional book and handwriting methods
  4. Implementing computers and the internet for ICT replace the convention education curriculums
  5. Managing courses online is difficult
  6. Misuse of technology
  7. Not accessible everywhere
  8. Teachers require experience to handle ICT 
  9. implementing computers and the internet is expensive 
  10. Few believe that computers can limit imagination 

10+ Advantages of ICT in Education

The 10 benefits/ advantages of ICT in education are enormous. Its benefits are easy to perceive and simple to implement.

  1. Enhanced the modes of communication
  2. Cost-efficient
  3. Paperless: Eliminate the usage of paper. Eco-friendly
  4. A better teaching and learning methods
  5. Enhanced data and information security
  6. Minimize cost and save time
  7. Easy student management
  8. Automatic solutions to manual paper-based processes and procedures
  9. Interactive and collaborative teaching and learning methods
  10. Direct classroom teaching 
  11. Spread awareness of the social impact of technological change in education
  12. Web-based LMS tools connect students, educators, scholars and researchers, and education personnel together
  13. Enhance E-learning and learning management system (LMS)
  14. Independent learning platforms for students
  15. Teachers can teach better with images, videos and graphics while delivering lessons
  16. Educators can create engaging, interesting, and well-designed classroom activities
  17. Improve the administration and enhance the quality and efficiency of education
  18. Promote and improve the digital culture in schools, colleges, and universities

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  16 Apr 2022
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