5 Mobile Apps for Principals & Administrators (School & College)(2022)

5 Mobile Apps for Principals & Administrators (School & College)(2022)

Advancements in technology, (predominantly in mobile smartphones) produced innovative, cost-efficient, paper-saving, and simple administrative tools and mobile apps for principals and administrators to manage and supervise school and college educational institutions more effectively and efficiently remotely from any smart gadgets.

Online Educational College/ School Software App empowers all the primary, secondary, and high school principals and college administrators with robust tools to automate paper-dependent procedures such as attendance tracking, course allocation, dorm/ hostel management, student admissions, school bus tracking, evaluate faculty/ teachers, manage multiple branches, etc., by digitizing the processes and allowing the management to perform several men’s tasks in a single go. Moreover, the application provides a parent app for parents/ guardians to review their ward(s) profile, performance, communicate with teachers, etc.

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Mobile Applications for Principles & Administrators - College & School Principal Tools

  1. Account Management System App

The chairperson/Administrator has the authority to watch and review the daily/annual reports, payment transactions, balance sheets, statements, and various other financial documents written by the accounts department using Account Management System App. The easy accessibility and ready availability of the mobile app allow the directing administrator and principal to manage and look after the accounts section on smartphones easily.

  1. Attendance Tracking System App

The Attendance Tracking System App allows school and college institution’s staff and principals/ administrators to monitor and track the regularity of students to classes. Biometric Attendance for staff and employee provides enables the administrator to watch and review the attendance of teaching as well as non-teaching faculty. The mobile app facilitates the users to view their attendance at any time by simply logging into the application with proper credentials.

  1. Vehicle Tracking System App

The Vehicle Tracking System app provides school/college management with a real-time tracking facility on school-owned vehicles. The easy accessibility of the mobile app on smartphones allows the principles, staff as well as parents to monitor and track the students' location, vehicle whereabouts, driver details, estimate arrival, and departure timings, etc.

  1. Dormitory/Hostel Management System App

An integrated dormitory/ Hostel Management System App helps efficiently sort issues occurring while registering students to hostels/dorms, and rooms, assigning wards to a building, maintaining student records and database, etc. The app allows students to file complaints, request equipment, etc., using the mobile app.

  1. Staff/ Faculty Management System App

Hiring, monitoring, and tracking qualified teachers at school and faculty at college. Additionally, the system enables the administrator to catalog and review staff's skills, qualifications, contract archives, lesson plans, timetables, attendance, and many more.

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  22 Apr 2022
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