How to Manage Multiple Schools, Colleges and Coaching Institutes?

How to Manage Multiple Schools, Colleges and Coaching Institutes?

Education organisations looking to manage multiple schools, colleges and coaching institutes should look into Multi Branch Management Software that has negligible number of refined highlights and modules, which helps the administration to play out, assess and express all and any day-to-day activities and reports independently.

The Multi Branch ERP System simplifies report generation of every single branch and helps the administration with decision-making. The branches can be checked, screened and reviewed if the objective and estimations are not met. In this manner, even the little errands gets consideration and keen observation.

Tips to Manage Multiple Branches

  • Hire qualified teachers and staff
  • Assign reliable admin/ principal for the institutions
  • Use Multi Branch/ Franchise Management Software
  • Evaluate daily activity reports
  • Implement CCTV cameras to enhance security and monitor activities
  • Regularly conduct inspections
  • Maintain effective Lesson Plan & Unit Plan
  • Implement GPS Tracking
  • Track Staff and students Attendance
  • Execute Biometric Tracking
  • Perform safety drills
  • Assess staff and teachers performance
  • Assess Growth and Expenditure Graph
  • Analyse fee transactions and payments monthly and yearly

Manage Multiple Branches with EduSys

Cloud based online framework – EduSys – is one among the very few preferred and favoured automation software designed keeping every global education establishments like schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutes in mind. It brings education institutions, parents, teacher and students together with new innovative and technological approaches.

EduSys’s Multi Branch Management module is structured to help the school, college and coaching institutes’ administration to manage daily needs in their subsidiary establishments whilst examining the necessary reports that help with those requirements. It is a completely cloud based, well organized, accessible in many languages, and secure module to operate n-number of branches from a single-remote location.

Features of EduSys Multi Branch Management Module:

  • Student Registration
  • Bulk Student Admission
  • Stats Dashboard for Multiple Branches
  • Student and Teacher Database Management
  • Staff Management
  • Fee Payments
  • Student Management 
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Overdue, pending and outstanding fee payment reports
  • SMS Notification
  • Curriculum and Timetable Creation
  • Student & Staff Performance Reports
  • Fee Transaction Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Assign and Manage Admins for branches
  • Create and Approve Requisitions
  • Staff Salary Reports
  07 Jul 2020
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