Micro teaching skills advantages and disadvantages (2021)

Micro teaching skills advantages and disadvantages (2021)

Just like any other teaching method, the micro teaching skills advantages and disadvantages come with their own set of merits and demerits. Firstly, what is Micro Teaching? Its definition lies within the name! The word "Micro" means small. It is a training technique used by educators to give feedback, assess, and evaluate teachers by encouraging the latter to teach specific topics to a small group of 5 to 10 students for a short period of 5 to 10 minutes. The aim of the technique is to improve teaching and active-learning process, give teacher candidates a real-life classroom experience, strengthen intellectual skills, introduce instructors to modern teaching methods, enhance student-teacher interaction, and build confidence in educators.

During the microteaching session, the teachers need to demonstrate their ability to handle students in classroom, creativity in coming up with innovative teaching ideas, prowess in organising educational activities and programs for learners, precision in planning effective lesson and unit plans, interactive speaking skills, conceptual and theoretical knowledge on subject, and other erudite capabilities. Fellow instructors and higher educators usually carry out the review and assessment procedure before providing expert feedback and opinion.

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Micro teaching skills advantages - Merits

  • Allows teachers to perceive a student's mindset and behavior
  • Provide an in-depth closure to the level of understanding of every individual student
  • Introduce teachers to the latest and innovative teaching techniques
  • Empowers educators to provide valuable supervision and expert feedback on teachers' work and their teaching methods
  • Gives teachers self-evaluation opportunity
  • Develops necessary teaching skills in instructors
  • Improves teacher's self-confidence and passion for teaching
  • Encourages implementation of education technology such as LMS, Virtual Classroom, etc.
  • Improves student-teacher collaboration
  • Motivates teacher to plan effective teaching strategy with Lesson plans
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Micro teaching skills disadvantages - Demerits

  • Lack of proper planning conveys an undesired and unrelated concept
  • The teaching strategy utilized in the microteaching session to teach a small group of students fails in some situations while handling a large group of students
  • The training program is time-consuming and sometimes costly
  • The skill doesn't emphasize personalized learning
  • The program usually concentrates on teachers development and sometimes disregards social-emotional development of students
  11 Jan 2021
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