Lesson Plan vs Unit Plan | 3D: Definition, Difference & Design

Lesson Plan vs Unit Plan | 3D: Definition, Difference & Design

To understand Lesson Plan and Unit Plan, it is crucial to know what they stand for. The former is generally prepared by teachers to ensure the objectives of teaching meet their targets and learning happen successfully. The latter comprises of numerous lesson plans and is made to serve for a long run like for a month or a semester.

Similarities between them are not that hard to notice. Both follow same approach but only differ in their purpose and objectives of creation. If one pays close attention to Unit and Lesson Plan sample templates, he/ she can easily comprehend the differences.

Understanding Lesson Plan

A Lesson Plan is a daily strategy designed by teachers, usually for a day, to perfect appropriate and proper in-class and in-home teaching and learning methods for students. It acts as a map to control and oversee lessons that need to be taught and assignments that must to given. It is a far-reaching graph of classroom activities with a flexible methodology for teaching ideas, skills, and abilities.

There are two different types of Lesson Plans, and creating them requires adequate focus. Elements such as lesson objectives, anticipated problems from students, materials required, time allocation for each activity, and period of student-student and student-teacher interactions are essential to be considered.

Develop Your Course-of-Instruction Guide with EduSys

EduSys is an effective automatic Lesson Planner for teachers who are dedicated to impart real-time classroom experience for students. The application motivates and empowers teachers to design an efficient subject-wise, class-wise and grade-wise plan keeping a student’s needs and necessities in mind. With it teachers can ensure the plan goals are compatible with the development of every student at the same time allow students to reach the achievement expectations.

Understanding Unit Plan

A Unit Plan follows similar format as the lesson plan, but cover an entire unit of work for weeks, months or a semester. It is imperative to demonstrate the principle objectives of a curriculum and how to exercise, assess and commence sessions for students in different classes. Henceforth, Unit designs are frequently utilized for making syllabus and instructional year plans.

Streamline Unit Planning with EduSys

Unit Planning is a process of systematically arranging subjects. Wikipedia defines it as a series of learning experiences that are linked to achieve the aims composed by methodology and contents. In any case, it is appropriate to many or all teachers and the individuals who assume the administrative position and is viable for a semester.

EduSys is the best application platform for creating and systemizing Unit Plans. The application incorporates sophisticated teaching tools for teachers to create classroom lesson plans and unit plans.

Lesson Plan and Unit Plan Difference

A Lesson Plan explains, fundamentally, the objectives of a specific lesson and how teaching must be planned in an approach to accomplish those objectives. A Unit Plan, then again, covers a more extensive zone; a unit that can incorporate numerous lessons.



Definition: A teacher's plan for teaching an individual lesson

Definition: Plan for a unit, which consists of many lessons

Created By: Individual Teacher

Created By: Sectional Head or Head of the Department

Time Consumed: Covers only one lesson and takes only few hours to create

Time Consumed: Covers numerous lesson and takes longer hours to create

Aim & Objective: Can include personal aim for teacher development

Aim & Objective: Can be used for curriculum review

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  04 May 2019
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