6+ Group Activities for College Students (2021) – Latest Icebreaker Classroom Activities

6+ Group Activities for College Students (2021) – Latest Icebreaker Classroom Activities

Occasionally, arranging fun, motivational and interactive group activities for college students in the classroom tend to take their mind off the stressful academics, enhances confidence, boosts their social interaction skills, and develops a strong student-teacher relationship. By encouraging students to participate in team building and icebreaker games, teachers can ensure a composed social-emotional atmosphere for students to learn, collaborate, interact, and grow both mentally and physically.

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Group Discussion

Group Discussion activities, also known as GD for short, serve as a healthy forum platform for college students to exchange and convey their ideas and thoughts. By encouraging students to share their views on given specific topics, the teacher can determine the understanding-level, personality, social interaction skills, capacity, and other intellectual attributes of a candidate.

Scavenger Hunt Game

Scavenger Hunt is one of the best team building and icebreaker activities of all time. Besides being fun, the game increases problem-solving capacity in participants, enhances critical thinking ability, builds team spirit, motivates students to think-out-of-the-box, and develops mutual respect among fellow team members.

Creative Art Making Competition

Organizing creative art-making competitions in drawing, painting, prop building, etc., bring out the artistic personality in students. Such competitions are the best fun classroom activities for students that allow candidates to embrace the artistic side of themselves. Dividing participants into teams and assigning them a project to construct builds synergy and togetherness by allowing them to work as a team.

Interactive Team Q&A Session

Interactive team Q&A session is an educational activity that enables students to play as a team and learn actively at the same time. It is the best exercise to share facts with each other, ask amusing quiz question & answers, and stay aware of general knowledge (GK).

Debate Discussions

Debate discussions is an active-learning activity that allows students to explore the competitive and argumentative side of their personality. The debates increase collaboration, build teamwork and enables participants to stay au fait with the world. The activity empowers students to tackle any hard issues and arguments thrown by life in the future serenely.

"What's your Hidden Talent(s)?"

Asking students to share their hidden talent(s) opens opportunities to recognize and motivate different academic and non-academic talents in them. Singing, Dancing, Painting, Mimicry, etc., highlight the creative sides of candidates and enables them to realize that there is more to it than academics in the world.

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  07 Jan 2021
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