Funny Quiz Questions & Answers (2021) - Fun for Kid, Teacher & Student

Funny Quiz Questions & Answers (2021) - Fun for Kid, Teacher & Student

Funny Quiz Question & Answers without a doubt will motivate children to learn and teachers to teach with more passion and understanding. Students tend to learn when education is interesting and entertaining.

In the event that you are a teacher or a parent searching for an amusing method to combine fun and education for children, the best thing to do is, pick these random trivia, General Knowledge (GK), trick and riddle funny quiz questions & answers which can defeat the boring regular teaching methods and draw students towards smart and enthusiastic learning.

This will likewise give teachers sufficient time to interact with children and in addition keep the time management beneficial.

We picked these simple, funny quiz, brain teaser Question & Answers that are proven to be recreational for students. Applying this strategy in classroom will increase productivity and efficiency, improve common sense and draw interest of both students and teachers.

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Test Your Mind with These Logical & Common Sense Question & Answers


  1. Why do some cricket players never sweat?

Answer: Because they have huge fans! 


  1. What is in middle of Paris?

Answer: Yes, correct, it is ‘R'(PA ‘R’ IS)


  1. What is always coming, but never arrives?

Answer: Tomorrow


  1. If a plane crashes on the border between the United States and Canada, where do they bury the survivors?

Answer: Survivors are not buried.


  1. What is the major difference between a bird and a fly?

Answer: A Bird can fly but a fly cannot bird! 


  1. Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?

Answer: Stop imagining


  1. If you are in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove and a gas lamp. You only have one match, so what do you light first?

Answer: The match!


  1. Bay of Bengal is in which state?

Answer: Liquid


  1. How can a man go eight days without sleep?

Answer: By sleeping during the night


  1. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become?

Answer: It will become Wet.



Sound Smart with These Riddles

  1. What can be broken, but is never held?

Answer: A promise


  1. It goes all over the world, but always stays in a corner. What is that?

Answer: A Stamp!


  1. What does come down but never goes up?

Answer: Rain


  1. What breaks and never falls, and what falls and never breaks?

Answer: Day breaks and night falls


  1. What do you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?

Answer: A chair, a bed, and a toothbrush


  1. What has a head, a tail, but does not have a body?

Answer: A coin


  1. Most of the kids love to carry these keys. What are those keys?

Answer: Cookies!


  1. How did the boy kick his soccer ball ten feet, and then have it come back to him on its own?

Answer: He kicked it up.


  1. Three men are on a boat. The boat sinks but only two people get their hair wet. Why?

Answer: The third man was bald.


  1. What does everyone need, want, and ask for but never take?

Answer: Advice


  1. I get smaller every time I take a bath. What am I?

Answer: Soap



Stay Aware with These General Knowledge Question & Answers

  1. How old is the world's oldest piece of chewing gum?

Answer: 9000 years old!


  1. Where was the fortune cookie actually invented?

Answer: America. [Many think it's China]


  1. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

Answer: Mount Everest


  1. Which planet is known as the Red Planet?

Answer: Mars


  1. Who built The Taj Mahal?

Answer: Shah Jahan


  1. What is the Largest fresh water lake of the world?

Answer: Lake Superior


  1. Which day is celebrated as World Environment Day?

Answer: 5th June


  1. Which star is at the centre of our Solar System?

Answer: Sun


  1. how long does it take for the earth to revolve around the sun

Answer: 365 1/4 days


  1. What is the total height of ‘Burj Khalifa’ Tower in Dubai?

Answer: 829.8 m or 2,722 ft

  18 Jan 2021
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