Educational NGO/ Trust Management Software - App & Website (2021)

Educational NGO/ Trust Management Software - App & Website (2021)

Educational NGO/ Trust Management Software provides non-profit organizations, running primary, secondary and, tertiary educational school, academy and college institutions, sophisticated information management system and ERP platform to manage multiple campuses/ branches by computerizing and automating the manual paper-based administrative and accounting operations in the organization right from students admission to fee payments.

Additionally, the school management software incorporates tools to create ID cards for students and teacher, allot staff to classes, record and manage attendance, make websites for institutions, collect fees and payments, design lesson & unit plans, make custom report cards, send SMS alerts to parents/ guardians, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. It simplifies student and staff management by maintaining the database more productively and efficiently.

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Typically, educational institution management software includes the following modules:

Student Admission Management

  • Register Students
  • Collect & Maintain Education History Records - Bona fides, Transfer & Conduct Certificates, Personal Details, Achievement Records, Medical Reports etc.
  • Allot Students to Classes and Courses
  • Create and Allot ID cards
  • Edit and Manage Fee Structure
  • Student Scholarship Management

Library Management

  • Record, Distribute and Track Books Issued
  • Generate Bar Codes for Books
  • Catalogue and Track Books-issued, Books-to-be-returned and Books-returned
  • Notify Defaulters about the Delays and Late Submissions
  • Create MIS Reports
  • Generate and Collect Penalties and Challans for Late Submissions
  • Track Borrowed and Available Books Online

Teacher/ Staff Payroll Management

  • Maintain Staff and Teacher Information
  • Easily Calculate Salaries
  • Generate Payslips in Bulk
  • Income Tax Calculation
  • Organise Bank Account details of Staff and Teachers

Exam and Report Card Management

  • Create Hall Tickets for Students
  • Assign Examination Centres/ Halls and Seats for Students
  • Gradebook Management
  • Publish Results Online
  • Generate Custom Report Cards and Mark Sheets
  • Auto-grade OMR Sheets
  • Create and Manage Exam Timetable Class-wise, Section-wise and Course-wise
  • Report Results via SMS and E-mail Notifications

Transportation Management

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Allot Designated Drivers and Attendants to Buses
  • Monitor Driver Activities
  • Manage Transportation Fee
  • Track Whereabouts of the Vehicles on Mobile phones, Tablets, and Computers
  • Assign Students to Buses
  • Send SMS notification to students and parents about the change in schedules, the location of the bus, and important transportation-related matters.
  • Set Route and Map Buses
  • Vehicle Management: Manage Vehicle and Driver Details

Accounts, Finance, and Fee Management

  • Record and Collect all kinds of Fees Offline via DDs, Cheques and Cash and, Online via Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Generate and Print Receipts and Invoices for Payments
  • Create Expense and Budget Reports
  • Download Documents in PDF, Word and other digital formats
  • Record and Track all Online Payment Histories
  • Instant Payment Notifications and Alert SMS
  • Maintain and Computerize Account Book Records
  • Manage Donations and Charity Events

Hostel/ Dorm Management

  • Allot Students to Dorms/ Hostel Rooms
  • Assign Wardens for Hostels Buildings
  • Manage Hostel and Mess Fee
  • Record Students Entry and Exit Timings with Biometric and RFID Systems
  • Manage and generate hostel staff and workers salaries
  • Allocate Mess Timings for Students
  • Generate Hostel and Mess ID Cards

E-learning: Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Create, Upload and Manage Online Courses
  • Allot Assignments and Projects to Students
  • Distribute Study Materials
  • Create Online Quiz and Tests
  • Generate Lesson and Unit Plan Online
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  11 Jan 2021
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