Online Teacher & Student ID Card Maker - Simple Design Template Format

Online Teacher & Student ID Card Maker - Simple Design Template Format

Giving teachers and students ID cards has never been more essential. Numerous educational foundations including colleges, schools, and universities focus on secure environment and conditions and have begun to actualize security with proof identification tools for educators, students as well as guests. While ID cards are prone to misuse and forgery, implementing the right formats to manufacture the permits is crucial. The issues with ID cards can be resolved using computer programs such as Online ID card makers.

EduSys online ID card makers and generator enable organizations to design and manufacture proof cards with unique patterns for each individual, differently. The application also allows security personals to issue and track movements of visitors via temporary ID cards.

EduSys ID Card Features:

  • Logo Creation Easy-to-use and Adaptable Customization
  • Unique Font Styles and Color Variations
  • Bio-metric Integration: Individual identification pattern
  • Eye-catchy Typography
  • Personalized Modifiable Themes
  • Pedesigned Templates with Custom Resolutions
  • QR Code Generation
  • Crop and Resizable Photo Shapes (place photographs in circle, ellipse, square, rectangle enclosures)
  • 1D and 2D Bar Code Support
  • Automatic Brightness/Contrast Adjustments
  • Quick Export to PDF and Excel formats

Sample Templates for Teachers and Students

ID Card Templates
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  14 May 2019
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