What is Edutainment? Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Edutainment? Advantages & Disadvantages

Edutainment is a portmanteau, a word formulated by combining the words Education and Entertainment. It intends to teach education and encourage social collaboration among students and instructors by integrating academics with modern entertainment devices and platforms such as Television, radio, PC and computer games, films, music, interactive learning sites for education such as Learning Management System (LMS) websites, mobile applications, virtual reality, multimedia, etc.

Importance of Edutainment

Scientific studies have proven that audio, video, and physical playful learning games have a positive and appealing impact in drawing in the interest of students towards education. By implementing edutainment in educational institutions, learning and teaching can end up being fun. It likewise prompts the educators to design learning activities ideas and management strategies that propel children to enhance their mental and physical development in a way that is both amusing, entertaining, and interesting.

Edutainment education along with Student Information Management Software (SIS) upgrades classrooms to smart classrooms by opening doors to better management, teaching, and learning methods both at home and at school by bringing LMS and E-learning at hands of students with computers games, visual videos, pictures, and audio recordings. It is a concept that highly encourages, utilizes, and relies on educational technology (Edtech.)

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Edutainment Advantages

The benefits and advantages of edutainment are:

  • Edutainment encourages personalized learning
  • A better understanding of theoretical subjects
  • Enhance Creativity & Visualization
  • Transforms conventional classrooms to smart classrooms
  • Paperless advantages
  • Real-time learning with virtual reality has tremendous uses in imparting education through entertainment
  • Portable and Game-based learning
  • Hand-on and experimental learning
  • Improves interactive and collaborative teaching and learning methods
  • Independent learning platforms for students
  • Promote and improve the digital culture in schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations
  • Provides technological tools for educators to create engaging, interesting, and entertaining classroom activities

Edutainment Disadvantages

The drawbacks and disadvantages of Edutainment are:

  • Since edutainment emphasizes the usage of computers and smart gadgets to impart education; it can sometimes contain misleading and misguiding information
  • A risk to the traditional blackboard and chalk teaching
  • Computers can have a negative impact on children's growth
  • Can curb social interaction and behavioral skills
  • Risk of misuse of technology
  • Implementing and designing computer games, television shows, videos, etc., is expensive and difficult
  15 Apr 2022
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