UAE KHDA RTA School Bus Rules & Regulations (2021)

UAE KHDA RTA School Bus Rules & Regulations (2021)

The KHDA RTA school bus rules and regulations formulated by the Road Transport Authority, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and, the MoE dictate guidelines for the students, school bus drivers and, all the private and public educational institutions, offering transportation facility for students, in UAE, Abu Dhabi and, Dubai to strictly follow the prescribed instructions to ensure the safety of the children inside and outside the school bus.

The school bus rules and regulations in UAE mandate school principals and authorities to inspect the buses regularly for safety violations, track whereabouts of the bus during the commute and, urge the bus drivers to follow stop sign rules.

School bus rules and regulations for students in UAE

  • No bringing parents or outsiders into the school bus
  • Arrive on the designated bus stop on time
  • Inform the bus driver and attendant in case of delays, absenteeism or any inconveniences
  • No eating and drinking inside the school bus
  • No leaving the bus without the driver’s consent. No unauthorized stop requests
  • Follow the instructions of the driver and the attendant in case of emergencies
  • Students must board their concerned allotted buses
  • Remain seated in the bus during commutation and no leaving the allotted seats without permission
  • Report issues and complains to the authorities immediately
  • Absolutely no peeping out of the window
  • Enter and exit the school bus in a single queue. No pushing, jolting or physical disturbances of any sorts

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UAE School bus driver rules and regulations

  • Drive the bus at a maximum speed limit of 80 kph
  • Strictly no Driving under influence of alcohol
  • No smoking in the school bus
  • No history of criminal records
  • Drop and pick up students at their designated bus stops
  • Maintain At least one first aid box on every school bus
  • No overloading the bus more than its prescribed capacity
  • The driver must be fluent in English and Arabic
  • Wear driver’s uniform and seat-belt at all times inside the bus
  • Submit disease-free health and proof of drug-and-alcohol-free certificate

School bus rules and regulations for Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE schools

  • Compulsorily Assign attendants for school buses to look after students
  • Employ security guards inside the campus and at parking lots
  • Affix busses with air-conditioning
  • Paint the bus color yellow with the “SCHOOL BUS” inscribed on the vehicle in English and Arabic
  • Strictly no bars on the bus windows at all
  • UAE school bus rules and regulations statutes implementing GPS on every school bus
  • Monitor students in schools and on school buses using CCTV cameras
  • Use biometric attendance to track students’ entry and exit timings
  • The bus must have emergency exits on the right, left, back and top sides of the vehicle
  • Inspect school vehicles for cleanliness
  • Place one fire extinguisher for 10-meter long school bus
  • Place two fire extinguishers for school buses longer than 10-meters
  07 Jan 2021
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