School Website Builder Tool - Build online school website free

School Website Builder Tool - Build online school website free

Utilizing software such as HTML to create educational web pages for your school can be laborious, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. Thus, employing the online School Website Builder Tool, which contains predesigned templates, to make a professional website design can save administrators a lot of money, resources, and time.

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Importance of school website

In this current era, technology has created more than sufficient platforms such as mobile phones, televisions, newspapers, etc., to reach the masses. Meanwhile, the ready access to the Internet got people hooked to smartphones, PCs, and laptops. This is why a school needs a website, as it is the simplest and most cost-efficient way to draw the attention of people.

Having a website for school is essential, now more than ever, since it provides students and parents with necessary details about academics, classroom programs, newsletters, facilities, admission procedures, fee structure, timetable and schedules, and contact details alongside other important information. Additionally, it improves the chances to increase student admission enrolments.

EduSys School Management Software

How to create a free website online for School?

In this exceptionally aggressive market with many great alternatives, EduSys provides a nearly professional strategy to market admissions by recounting success stories and including pages that help both students' and parents’ contentment. The school site facilitates the inclusion of a photo/video library, extensive diagrams, and numerous vignettes highlighting graduate classes, staff, and current students.

  • Login to CMS Software
  • Select a Website Template
  • Click on Edit
  • Change the Logo and edit the content
  • Modify the template accordingly
  • Finally, publish it

Since the websites made on EduSys are responsive and have an unlimited hosting facility, changing or editing a page reflects automatically on the other pages instantly. This eliminates the manual process of going to each and every page and modifying the content.

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Create a school website with EduSys

To ease the burden on the schools, EduSys ERP institution management software incorporates some eye-catchy and attractive predesigned templates to create a free website online besides offering administrative tools to manage students and digitize day-to-day school operations. The software enables the school administration to efficiently design and fabricate websites for their organization at a very low cost and without any designer expertise or knowledge.

Features of EduSys School Website Builder Tool

Custom School Website Design: Choose from a wide range of templates that best suits your institution

Website architecture, incorporated as part of EduSys, gives a variety of webpage composition benefits with extraordinarily custom-made templates that help school institutions to embellish their site’s appearance.

The website compositions include a variety of credits such as Custom web improvement, blog creation, duplicate composition, video generation, animation movements, audio recordings, sound and logo creation, and many more.

Responsive/Media-Friendly Mobile-Friendly School Website Design

The websites created using EduSys are tablet and mobile-friendly. The application helps in designing and distributing content adequately on any smartphone and tablet.

Take photographs and record videos to compose short pieces and efficiently publish the articles on web pages in a flash using any device. This exclusive mobile-friendly school website for teachers, powered by automated software, is highly responsive and accurate.

Unlimited Hosting Bandwidth & Storage /SMS/Email

EduSys provides the cheapest and best-dedicated servers to help schools make their resources available to the general public via the website. With EduSys’s unlimited hosting facility, seamlessly gain access to file uploading, sharing, archive, backup, mirroring, distribution sites, etc.

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  16 Apr 2022
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