Auto Timetable Scheduling System

EduSys Web & Cloud-based System includes robust Classroom Timetable Scheduling Software with a comprehensive class, course, and exam scheduling tools developed for school, college, and university administrators and educators to create, manage and modify classroom timetables and curriculum. The online timetabler software extinguishes paper-dependency by proving secure, automated and digitized solutions to coordinate examination schedules, manage exam rooms/centers/ venue, archive important events and dates, allocate students to courses, plan class timings for teachers and students, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Features of Auto Timetable Scheduling System

Auto Timetable Schedule

The Auto timetable schedule feature automates class, exam, and course scheduling process for students, teachers, and different classrooms by taking into consideration all the possible “What-if” scenarios and outcomes. Moreover, the timetabler software incorporates user-centric and simple-to-use tools to for educators to view, organize, and generate master and individual timetables for each teacher/ class/ grade, develop personalized timetables, create and pin to-do lists, schedule substitute replacements for absent staff, manage and organize events on calendar, and much more on smartphone, tablet and, computer devices.

Attendance Management

The Timetable Software seamlessly integrates with any RFID and Biometric-based attendance management systems. The Software empowers educational institutions such as school, college, and university organizations to record and track regularity of students as well as teachers to classes, send SMS/Email messages to parents/ guardians informing their ward(s) attendance, monitor staff and faculty’s activities and location, and many more.

Advance Allocation Tool

The Timetable Software contains advanced digital allocation tools to allot students to courses and classes, assign instructors to classrooms, and dispense substitute teachers online. Moreover, the system allows the administrators to allot and modify timetable for individual teacher and student thereby, reducing the pain of planning class timings and distributing the schedules manually to each individual.

Print & Share

Auto print and share master, personalized and, individual timetable schedules in bulk with fellow teachers, students as well as parents on a single click. Review and export the reports and schedules to PDF, Word, and many other formats online by accessing the software using a mobile app on any smart device or using the Web version on any computer.

What is the price of Classroom Timetable Scheduling Software?

The Timetable Scheduling Software is an integral part of the Educational Institution Management System thus, often comes included with the latter. The latter generally price costs around Rs.5 – Rs.70 per student per month depending upon the strength and the service vendor provider.

EduSys Pricing

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