RFID Attendance System - Disadvantages & Advantages | Price & Demo

RFID Attendance System - Disadvantages & Advantages | Price & Demo

There are many methods to track attendance of an individual. Few years ago, when Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) electronics was still at their adolescence stages, time stamping technique was greatly followed. As software programming and technology progressed, especially in electronics, they gave way to a much secure and reliable arrangement known as RFID Attendance System.

Why Implement the RFID System?

Most of the educational institutions still utilise the traditional paper method to mark attendance. This is both paper and time consuming. By utilising RFID Systems into daily activities of students, data can be well organised and recorded.

The RFID method has enormous benefits. With it maintaining daily attendance on Excel sheets could be avoided, labour can be reduced, monthly attendance record of staff and students can be assembled in a single place and format.


Let’s Discuss Disadvantages and Advantages of RFID Attendance System

Disadvantages of RFID Attendance System

RFID is being used actively in retail, healthcare and other sectors to monitor workers. Since the workers in these sectors are large in number, hard to handle and their work can be performed by other in case of absenteeism; there the attendance mechanism is of trivial significance.

In case of educational institutions, where monitoring students’ regularity is of utmost importance, this attendance management system come in handy but with some minor drawbacks and pitfalls.

  • The System is expensive because a lot of technology goes into making it
  • In case of a large strength of students, purchasing tags for everyone is costly
  • Replacing microchip, radio transceiver, antenna and battery in the system tiresome and costs money
  • Since it is not as secure as biometric, the system is prone to manipulation

Advantages of RFID for Attendance Tracking

RFID card based time attendance system was an abstract concept that craved path to biometric fingerprint systems. The latter is a topic of discussion for another day; this article elaborated how the former can be implemented in educational institutions to monitor and track students, teachers and staff whereabouts, their absenteeism and regularity.

  • The System provides more accurate identification
  • Quick and Rapid: Identifies candidates in seconds
  • The System is less tedious, cost-efficient, easy to use, hard to adulterate and modest
  • Educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities can precisely screen regularity of students, teacher and working staff and counteract proxy marking and error

RFID Machine: Card and Reader

A rectangular Plastic Card, sometimes called Tag, and a Reader device are part and parcel of the RFID machine. The card serves as an identity mark of an individual and contains essential identification data of a person. The Tag is incorporated with a chip that stores a unique serial number – EPC – Electronic Product Code. Every individual is issued a card with a different unique code.

Reader is the brains of the RFID Attendance System as it stores data of every person in the organisation and only records people’s attendance, for a respective day, when the Smart Card is displayed or put under it. This is a wireless system which can be integrated with SMS notification too.

How to Choose the Right System?

EduSys cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is programmed with 21st century codes to take-in and track attendance, data sheet in any formats. Attendance Management is one of the many modules in the application.

The application can be integrated with any RFID and Biometric Systems. From managing staff data to tracking school buses, everything and anything can be performed online simply on EduSys.

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RFID Attendance System Price in India

The price of the RFID Attendance machine is relatively low when compared with the cost of biometric system. EduSys supplies the institutions with the system, that are capable of storing up to 1,00,000 entries, if the school, college and university foundations don’t have them in their organisation.

Plan (Months)

Average Cost


$ 90 - 100


$ 104 - 110


$ 106 - 110


$ 106 - 113

Note: The cost of the Card is excluded from the cost of the system.

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  16 Dec 2019
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