RFID Walkthrough Attendance Gate - School/ College/ Library/ Education Institute

RFID Walkthrough Attendance Gate - School/ College/ Library/ Education Institute

Recording, monitoring, and tracking attendance at educational institutions is challenging - especially when the student-number is in thousands. Over the years, many technologies came into existence to simplify the attendance management, whilst providing better solutions to fix challenges in the same. While few utilise advanced biometric tech, others simply rely on identification cards. Nevertheless, all possess their own distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages. RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate, in particular, is one of the ID card identification technologies developed for schools and educational organizations.

What is RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency Identification and is one of the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) methods. Walk Through Attendance Gate is a wireless real-time RFID-based technology (sometimes combined with GPS tracking system) whose working generally comprises a Smart I-Card and a Reader. Contrary to the regular ID card recognition tech, RFID Walk Through utilizes a more sophisticated and effective methodology to identify and track objects


In RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate for schools, every individual of the institution is equipped with an I-Card that differs from a typical ID card by comprising only RFID recognizable chips that store instructive data about the individuals. An RFID Card Reader is installed in a pair of vertical walk through beams placed parallel to each other at the entrance of the school which acts as the detector. Every time a student carrying his/her respective I-Card passes through the walkthrough beams the reader inside detects and maps the individual present.

The best part of the wireless RFID-based attendance system is its integrability with the Cloud-based Student Management System/ Software. EduSys School ERP software application seamlessly integrates with the RFID-based system to record and track the regularity of the students. This way management can relax knowing that the data is secured to be accessed at anytime and from anywhere! Additionally, the SMS notification feature in the application enables the management to send attendance reports to parents upon a single click.

The installation of RFID Walk Through Gates isn't just restricted at the entrance of schools, their multi-purpose usability enables them to be implemented in a variety of areas—in libraries, in classrooms, etc.

Features of RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate

  • Wireless & Web-based Attendance System 
  • Automatic & Customised Attendance Reports
  • SMS Notification Integration: Entry/exit SMS alerts to parents’ mobile
  • Centralised data storage
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Real time attendance tracking
  • . . .

What is the cost of RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate?

The RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate based Student attendance management systems in India typically costs anywhere between 1000 to 2000 dollars. The price also depends on the service provider. Generally, the cost is determined by the number of I-Cards and Readers/ Detectors.

Advantages & Disadvantages of RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate

Just like every other system RFID Walk Through Attendance Gate possesses certain  distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages. Given below are benefits and drawbacks of implementing the system.


  • Simple to handle and implement
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates the time and effort teachers spend on marking attendance in classroom 
  • Produces accurate identification and impossible to manipulate
  • SMS and email notifications alerts parents on their ward(s) presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Enhanced Security
  • Educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities can precisely monitor attendance of students as well as staff and counteract proxy marking and error


  • Expensive
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • High maintenance cost
  • Prone to physical damage
  • Not as secure as biometric
  16 Dec 2019
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