CO-PO mapping software - Simplify CO PO PEO PSO attainment reports

CO-PO mapping software - Simplify CO PO PEO PSO attainment reports

To make assessments effective and efficient, educational institutions adopt outcome-based education (OBE) overseen by National Board of Accreditation (NBA). In order to achieve this outcome, the same involve Program Education Objectives (PEOs), Program Outcomes (POs), Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs), Course Outcomes (COs). The manual process of outcome-based assessment faces issues, such as inadequate mapping between CO and PO, volumes-and-volumes of data from multiple batches, insufficient faulty time, too much documentation, improper generation of Self-assessment Report (SAR), etc. In the wake of such problems, CO-PO mapping software was designed for colleges and universities

What is CO-PO mapping software?

CO-PO mapping software is a useful tool designed to manage the curriculum. It addresses all the above mentions issues and automatically resolves them. The software mainly emphasises and supplies college faculty members with curriculum design so that they can create an appropriate lesson plan, map COs to POs, build question banks and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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The software can be integrated according to the institutions’ outcome-based education (OBE) assessment process. The curriculum assessment methods utilised by the institutions will remain unaffected. The software’s compatibility allows it to generates reports for students, Course Outcome (CO) & Program Outcome (PO) attainments, PSO reports and PEO reports.

EduSys software helps institutions practicing OBE to achieve transparency, invariably optimise data inputs, effectively standardise computation of attainments, enhance areas for improvements, and even produce SAR. Moreover, the software contains a performance tracking system to track the academic and non-academic development, achievements, accomplishments of students invariably. The software facilitates the administration with innovative tools to monitor students’ progress in the classroom by recording and evaluating their marks, behavior, assignments, etc.

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Advantages of CO-PO mapping software

Outcome-based Education System + CO-PO mapping software is one of the crucial criteria for colleges and universities trying to seek NAAC or NBA Accreditation. The software includes a robust toolkit for Examination automation, Planning and Development including e-procurement, E-learning, ICT, Psychometric test, Integrated LMS, Student Progression & Performance Tracking and many more

Given below are some the advantages of CO-PO mapping software:

  • Teaching will be able to be more creative and innovative with regards to curriculum development
  • Faculty will no longer feel the pressure of having to be the source of information
  • Faculty will be able to assess students better and grade properly
  • Advance students performance and tracking tool
  • Teachers will be able to create and allot courses and assignments for students online
  • The software allows students to make presentations, attend tests and assignments, and learn through LMS
  • The instructor can set up the threshold value to the program/curriculum
  • This level of outcomes mapping focuses on student learning and allows faculty to create a visual map of a program
  • The entire syllabus can be mapped with the Courses in the given course time
  • Expands the achievement of students
  • Helps in analysing the course prerequisites and program requirements based on how the outcomes fit perfect
  • Instructors can reenforce the outcomes, help in skill as well as knowledge development, and avoiding an overlap of the syllabi
  27 Mar 2020
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