CBSE School Transport Guidelines (2021) - Safety Rules for Bus Driver, Attendant and Escorts

CBSE School Transport Guidelines (2021) - Safety Rules for Bus Driver, Attendant and Escorts

With an aim to avoid unfortunate accidents and ensure child safety at school, the CBSE Board along with the Supreme Court of India structured strict and comprehensive school transport guidelines for the educational institutions, affiliated with the Board, to follow. The new revised school bus rules and regulations (2021) mandate implementation of a GPS tracking device, CCTV surveillance camera system and Speed governors in the vehicles.

Besides equipping the school buses / vans with GPS tracker, security cameras and speed monitor, the CBSE Board made it compulsory for the management to include attendants and escorts inside the vehicles; and advised administrators to utilise reliable modern transportation software to manage buses and track activities of drivers and staff.

School Bus Tracking Software

CBSE Guidelines for School Bus

  • School buses must be painted yellow
  • The word “School Bus” must be written behind the vehicle
  • The Vehicle Registration Number must be painted in black and visible
  • The name of the school along with its contact details must be included on the vehicle
  • Buses must be affixed with GPS tracker, operational CCTV cameras, and speed monitors at all times
  • The school bus must be equipped with emergency alarm and siren
  • The seats inside the school bus must be made of non-combustible material
  • Every bus must have a First-Aid Kit and a fire extinguisher inside the vehicle
  • A well-trained Attendant is mandatory inside the school bus
  • At least two emergency exists are compulsory on school buses

CBSE School Bus Driver Rules

  • The bus driver must carry a valid Driver’s License and an ID card issued by the school
  • The Diver must not exceed the speed limit beyond 40 Km/h
  • Must wear uniform and seat belt at all times while driving the vehicle
  • Strictly no smoking or driving under the influence
  • The drivers must undergo medical and physical test every year
  • The management and the bus drivers must inspect the vehicles regularly and perform routine maintenance check-ups
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  09 Jan 2021
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