After-school Management Software - Review, Price, Features, App

After-school Management Software - Review, Price, Features, App

With the Afterschool Management Software, organizers and school management can effectively conduct and supervise before and after classroom activities, camps, and outdoor programs for students by facilitating participants to register for the available programs and pay the fees online.

The software provides digitized and automated solutions to oversee transportation, registration forms, Learning Management System (LMS), staff & student attendance management, classroom schedules, Online fee collection, SMS & Email notifications, information database, and many more.

Review of Afterschool Management Software

Managing and organizing afterschool programs for students requires adapt precision and efficiency. The amount of paperwork and labor that goes into running the programs is expensive and laborious. Thus, many daycare/ childcare centers and school district institutions are relying on Afterschool Management Software to minimize costs, save valuable time of administrators, and automate simple and complex day-to-day procedures.

EduSys school management software

Features of Afterschool Management Software

  • Online Registration & Enrolment: Online registration empowers parents freely and flexibly register their child for any program at any time without worrying about going to the institution for the enrolment.
  • Admissions Tracking: Manage waiting, admission, and enrolment lists
  • Simple Payment Gateways: Collect fees for afterschool programs using Debit/Credit Card/ Net banking/ Mobile banking Payment Processing
  • Automate Discounts, Marketing, and Promotions
  • Admin & Parent Portal
  • Unlimited SMS Text & Email Notifications
  • Candidate Information Database Management: Maintain & record addresses, emergency contacts, immunization & medical records, important phone numbers, birthday lists, etc.
  • Bus/ Van Transportation Management: Track vehicles in real-time using GPS, schedule pickup & drop off points, allot bus drivers & attendants and track their activities, etc.
  • Photo Gallery Management
  • Staff & Student Attendance Management
  • Multi-branch Management
  • Assignment & Auto-assessment: allocate assignments in the form of activities/ projects and evaluate them automatically
  • ...

Price of Afterschool Software

The price of Afterschool Program Management Software varies from 5 USD - 15 USD per student per month depending upon the strength of the students/ participants and, the service vendor provider offering the software.

Afterschool Management Software App

Besides proving Web and Cloud-based desktop version, the EduSys Institution Management Software offers mobile application for administrators and staff to manage students and classroom by automating and digitizing day-to-day administrative operations right from admissions to accounts, lesson plan creation to LMS and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, the app provides parents with a sophisticated login platform to pay fees, review their ward(s) information, schedule meeting, and many more.

The application is accessible on all and any Android & iOS mobile and tablet devices.

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  07 May 2019
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