What are After-school programs? Benefits & Disadvantages

What are After-school programs? Benefits & Disadvantages

After-school programs are out-of-school time activities for kindergarten pre-schoolers, elementary and secondary school students organised with an intent to encourage the children and youth of all ages to improve their leadership and social skills by motivating them to participate in camps, music and acting clubs, interactive learning activities, sports and art programs, recreational fun pastime events, etc.

These after hour school programs greatly benefit in strengthening the physical, mental and social development of children and teens. Occasionally, engaging the students in entertaining non-academic activities increases their confidence, academic performance, behaviour and coordination.

After-school Programs: Things to do Out-of-school

Educational institutions and communities ought to consider aspects such as the age of children, special needs and requirements, the purpose of activities, etc., while designing different types of after-school program activities for students.

Listed below are some of the good After-school Program Activities

  • Physical Sports Activities: Swimming, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, etc.
  • Creative Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Photography etc.
  • Performing Arts: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Music, etc.
  • Literature Arts: Plays, Poetry, Drama, etc.
  • Participate in Scout Camps, Camp Fires, Excursions, Travelling
  • Academic Clubs: Mathematics, Science and Environmental Groups

Benefits of After-school Programs

  • Enhances Creative and Visual Skills
  • Organising afterschool programs can be financially beneficial
  • Attract students for summer camps, holiday activities, etc.
  • Relatively cheaper than childcare programs
  • Increases Self-esteem, Confidence and Leadership Skills
  • Improves Physical and Mental Development of kids
  • Provides a stress-free environment for students to pursue hobbies and passion
  • Enhances the academic performance of students in the classroom
  • Boosts Social Interaction Skills among children
  • Encourages outside education
  • Enhances logical and reasoning abilities
  • Real-world Experience: Introduces kids to the outside world

Disadvantages of After-school Programs

  • If the afterschool programs are not coordinated well outside the classroom the safety of children is at risk
  • Activities are complex to organise and manage
  • Require good investment
  • Expensive
  • Managing kids is laborious
  07 Jul 2020
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