School Calendar 2019 - Download Holidays list in India

School Calendar 2019 - Download Holidays list in India

The School Calendar 2019 is designed for nursery, kindergarten, pre-school, elementary/ primary schools; grade, middle, high & graduate schools; junior & senior high schools; business, medical and law schools, private and government institutions and many others. It incorporates all the academic start and end dates, national and regional holidays, occasions, academic timetable etc.

Nitty-gritty schedule data such as upcoming school events or unexpected hols can likewise be made public using the school calendar. This application is must for countries like India, South Africa, Canada, UAE, Australia and others, where vacation periods are long, holidays are innumerable, and occasions are countless.

India is known for its diversity and prides on celebrating smallest of the smallest festivals big. In schools, going around and announcing holidays from classroom to classroom is no longer practised; with technology, all the holidays, event dates and announcements are being declared via smart devices with help of automated school calendar.  

The data here can be effectively stored, adjusted and altered curriculum-wise, year-wise and month-wise as per the school’s prerequisites. All the info in the calendar is easy-to-understand, full scale-free, editable and downloadable.

  07 Jul 2020
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