Fee Reminder Software 2021 - Sent Bulk SMS & Free Emails

Fee Reminder Software 2021 - Sent Bulk SMS & Free Emails

It is crucial for educational institutions like schools, colleges, coaching centres and universities to have a fee reminder software that optimises fee management system and seamlessly estimates, records and collects outstanding and pending fees.

Catching up with the students and their parents, from whom the payments are expected past the due date, and reminding them about the overdue in payments requires extra work and time. But with SMS and E-mail reminder applications it’s easy.

How the Software Can Help?

Fee Reminder Software is extensively preferred and utilised by schools. Managing enormous school’s fees database is difficult and gathering names of students, who have pending dues, is even more difficult.

While an effective fee management system streamlines school’s fees account department by simplifying fee collection, generating invoice receipts, documenting paid transactions on all hostel, transportation, tuition, library, and other payments; a Fee Reminder Software nudges personals to stay aware about the upcoming, overdue and outstanding payments. The Software also acts as an automatic school fee billing and collection system thereby reducing manual paperwork.

EduSys incorporated a simple approach to remind parents and students about the fees or any other matter via bulk SMS, phone calls, E-mails, and notifications. With it, administrations can dispatch unlimited number of messages, of any length, by just pushing a button.


Having an optimised fee management system is vital in current technology times. Essentially to avoid little mix-ups that can prompt the institution towards unexpected financial troubles.

EduSys is an automated billing and invoicing system where schools, colleges, universities and coaching centres can make a wide range of expense estimates, apply fine, collect fees, send notifications, print payment receipts, merge reports and do significantly more tasks.

Benefits of opting EduSys for payments    

  • Maintain complete record of payments
  • Lighting fast transactions
  • Highly Safe and Secure
  • Avoids standing in line for payments
  • Readily available and time saving
  • Accessible anywhere 24/7
  • Mobile convenient

Bonus with EduSys

Educational organisations have been attempting to optimise fee management in their institutions. The opportunity has come for the foundations to discard paper registers and go computerized.

Parents have always been in an agony of making an effort to visit the schools and colleges, in which their ward(s) is studying, simply to pay the fees. Moreover, there is an issue of carrying the money or Demand Draft (DD) or filling a challan form; these take up a lot of time and effort.

EduSys provides a free online platform for parents and students to directly pay the fees online from its App. Since it is a cloud-based application, all the transactions are recorded instantly forever.

  07 Jan 2021
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