4+ Educational Robot for Kids (2021) - Let's See

4+ Educational Robot for Kids (2021) - Let's See

Technology has taught us innovative and better ways to keep education entertaining and interesting for toddlers and children. Over the years, robotic machinery evolved from corporate usage to domestic usage, forcing people to rethink the potential of robotics. It did not take long for it to enter the education sector and make an impact. Currently, in the children’s toy market, the demand for the educational robot for kids is on the rise.

Unlike the regular robots, the educational robot toy kits incorporate gesture control, voice assistance, remote control, and smartphone integration, alongside many other features to keep children entertained and familiarise them to smart gadgets with a touch of academics. For instance, interactive robotic toys with voice control facility play popular and trending rhymes, songs, etc., for kindergarten and primary school kids.

Here are some of the popular and new educational robot for kids:


Tweak is a robot building kit for kids that enables 4-year-old to 10-year-old children to build and rebuild imaginative bots as many times as they want. It contains simple and easy-to-use tools to construct robotic toy with logical and practical thinking. Additionally, the educational robot toy allows youngsters with brains to program their toy/bot using the graphical programming interface and install electronic sensors and other components.

Winky Mainbot

Winky Mainbot is an educational programmable robot for children between the ages of 5-12. The ability of the robot kit to communicate through body language, eye expressions, and emotional dialect makes it an appealing and interesting bot for kids. It allows children to learn basics and code easily o tablets and smart devices by giving them real-time programming experience.


Cozmo is a small AI-driven educational robot truck toy for car and video game loving kids. Its ability to connect to Amazon Alexa makes it a standout from existing products in the market.


MiPosaur is a robot dinosaur kit, which can be controlled using hand gestures and via iOS or Android App smartphone devices. It is the perfect toy for youngsters keen on knowing the prehistoric period and evolution of the world.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a smart virtual voice assistant driven by AI when integrated with Amazon’s Echo products enables users to speak and ask questions to it and know information/ answer about anything.

  11 Jan 2021
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