Education CRM Software - School & College Lead Tracking Tool

Education CRM Software - School & College Lead Tracking Tool

The constantly changing and emerging technology is shortening the distance between business organizations and customers from all around the world by providing sophisticated and accessible modes of communication. Nowadays, industries are employing and actively utilizing Customer Relationship Management systems (also known as Constituent Relationship Management in education industry) to interact with consumers and interconnecting network platforms such as the Internet and Telecommunication to advertise and reach a potential audience, respectively. Educational organizations such as school, college, and university institutions, too, are moving towards deliberately relying on Education CRM Software and lead tracking tool applications to organize files, manage entrants, and abridge the gap between students, parents, and administration.

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CRM SaaS for education organizations coordinates administration, processes, and technology to deliver reliable and efficient service to potential students and parents. It systemizes procedures and communication systems by seamlessly integrating with any Institution ERP Management System to resolve common issues/ quires of people with automated messages, send SMS and Email alerts, provide marketing techniques to increase admission, enhance the relationships with all constituent groups who interact with the institution, and this is just on the surface.

Features of Education CRM Software

One of the best features of education CRM Software is it easily simplifies administrative tasks by proving automation solutions to some of the complex lead and student management problems in all private, public and government educational school and college institutions. Moreover, it empowers users with login platforms to check the status of application and contact higher authorities.

  • Student Database/ Information Management
  • Student Enrolment Management
  • Online Admission Management
  • Fee & Accounts Management
  • Document Management
  • Multi-branch Management
  • Campaign & Marketing Management
  • Student Referral Program
  • Alumni Management
  • Events Management
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • ...

Benefits of using Education CRM Software

  • Manage, and organize admission and enrolment information
  • Manage student inquiries and course registration
  • Integrate with other Campus Management modules
  • Secure and track admission and recruitment applicants and applications
  • Send SMS & Email marketing messages
  • Streamline database and information management
  • Automate responses and notifications
  • Generate real-time Reports and Analysis
  • Create automatic responses to common inquiries and questions
  • Systemize Sale Funnel procedures
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  13 May 2019
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