Boarding School Software - Review, Price, Features (2021)

Boarding School Software - Review, Price, Features (2021)

A Boarding School Software is a typical ERP system exclusively designed for private, government and public education institutions that provide hostel and residential accommodation at their school campus. The administration software system automates all the administrative tasks and operations including hostel/ dorm management by computerizing tasks such as allotting students to rooms, assigning wardens to building, food-court/ mess fee collection and accounting, recording finances and petty expenses, calculating workers’ salaries, managing staff, etc.

Unlike the day schools, the boarding institutions require a well-structured and systematic management system to provide students safety and at-home like experience during their stay at the boarding houses. This includes giving them good accommodation facility, allotting responsible hostel wardens, tracking attendance and whereabouts of students, quickly responding to students complains, providing good communications hub to reach out to parents, etc. Thus, it is imperative to utilise a proper Cloud-based SaaS management software to simplify administrative tasks

Boarding School Software Features

  • Collect Boarding house/ Hostel and Mess fee online and office
  • Generate fee receipts for payments
  • Allot and transfer students to dorm rooms
  • Assign wardens to hostel building
  • Manage staff worker salaries and payrolls
  • Record students requests and complains, and attend them accordingly
  • Manage student information such as medical records, personal info, etc.
  • Manage requisitions, finances, and petty-expenses

Boarding School Software Price

In general, the Boarding school management software price depends the vendor service provider and the strength of the students. Usually the software costs around 1 USD - 3 USD / student per month.

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  07 Jan 2021
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