College Timetable & Class Scheduling Software

Ideal for Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Diploma, etc., Colleges

Timetable & Class Scheduling Tool

Creating Timetable is one of the greatest difficulties in any institution. Most academic bodies are commanding a lighter sack for students by utilizing refreshed and technological Timetable & Class Scheduling Software which, is much more obvious to the staff, students and parents.

What is Timetable & Class Scheduling Software?

Timetable & Class Scheduling Software is fabricated with an intent to upgrade the arrangement of creating timetable for classes whilst granting extra adaptability to faculty and students. Since creation of timetable could be a monotonous procedure and prone various changes, the software aims to adjust and simplify these dilemmas.

EduSys Timetable & Class Scheduling Module

EduSys Timetable & Class Scheduling Module is automated computerized system which is uniquely designed to empower colleges and universities with the ability to design, modify and distribute an ideal class schedules.

This online application provides simple class calendar feature for staff to create, arrange and review schedules from a single place. Check-on students, reschedule classes, email attendance and many more.

What are Benefits of Timetable & Class Scheduling Software

The Benefits and Advantages of EduSys Timetable & Class Scheduling Software are:

  1. Time-Saving and Increases Efficiency
  2. Paperless: Go Green
  3. Circulate Timetables via Email
  4. Cost-Efficient and User-Friendly
  5. SMS alerts: In case of any changes in timetables and class reschedules
  6. Substitute Staff Management
  7. Reschedule and Modify Class Timings
  8. Attendance Integration
  9. Check list conducted and attended classes
  10. Multiple Timetable Management

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