Fundraising & Donation Management System

Ideal for Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Diploma, etc., Colleges

Fundraising & Donation Management System

EduSys College Funding & Donation Management software allows faculty, parents, students and the community to contribute to college and raise money online. This unified fundraising software helps college management meet their goals by providing convenience for donors and campaigners with online donation.

The cloud-based application supports the complex requirements of donor cultivation, retention, and contribution processing, allowing one to set up alerts and workflows, personalize outreach and communication strategies, and use integrated analytics to help identify new donors and run successful campaigns and events.

What are Benefits of College Fundraising & Donation Management System?

The Benefits and Advantages of EduSys College Fundraising & Donation Management Software are:

  1. Online web-based fundraising, donations, payment processing, online auction and corporate challenges
  2. Easy-to-Use: Get started easily with no set up costs
  3. Customizable: Create simple online pledge pages for each fundraiser
  4. Automation: Generate instant automated tax-deductible receipts and customizable letters
  5. Reduce internal staff resources with automated processing
  6. Generate recurring donations
  7. Use predesigned fundraiser pages and customizable tools to help connect with potential donors
  8. Cloud-based: No risk of loss of data
  9. Highly Secure and Reliable: Secure Payment gateways
  10. Time-Saving: Reduce manual work and labour
  11. Highly Confidential

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