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Gradebook & Marksheet Tool

Prior, educators depended on paper report cards to check and disseminate evaluations of students. This put students grades in open which made low performing candidates inclined to debilitation and low confidence.

While instructors were committed to circulate the report in open, they favoured much careful and more straightforward approaches to direct the methodology. This drove researchers to innovate online Gradebooks and Mark-sheet system.

EduSys Gradebook & Mark Sheet Generation Software

EduSys Gradebook software, one of a kind interlink between instructors and students, is the best cloud-based application with exceptional tools for college professors to make, store, pass-on and audit information, generate mark sheets and exams results of students online on the web. It has been moved toward the comparable back-end with innovative features and redesigns.

What are Benefits of Gradebook & Mark Sheet Generation Software?

The Benefits and Advantages of using EduSys Gradebook & Mark-sheet Generation Software are:

  1. Manual entry of scores/ grades of students
  2. Auto-calculate final and course grades
  3. Enables teachers to assign and notify students about assignments
  4. Upload and download Gradebook as report in PDF and Excel formats
  5. Cost-efficient lesson planner
  6. Allows students to review grades by grading periods and assignment submission dates and details
  7. Cloud features helps in storing and recording data
  8. Quick and easy-to-use
  9. Quickly generate error free report cards
  10. Customizable predesigned report card templates

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