College Accounting & Billing Software

Ideal for Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Diploma, etc., Colleges

Accounting & Billing Management System

Numerous school, college and university educational associations have been using MS Excel to protect, outline, break down and record institution's finances. Since, the application is multidisciplinary and widely inclusive; customizing it according to associations needs with extra required necessities is not possible. In light of such needs, modifiable Accounting Software application were designed with significance of Accounts in mind.

EduSys Accounting Software

EduSys Accounting Software gives an assortment of tools to Accounts department of all schools, engineering, medical, degree, polytechnic and other educational colleges and universities (Government and Private) to manage budgetary and administration records, financial documents, and tax collection. Thus providing better and secure procedure to document economic statements of the organization.

College Branch Management Key Features:

The Benefits and Advantages of EduSys accounting Software are:

  1. Fee payment and Tax Calculation
  2. Fee receipt Generation
  3. Cloud-Based: Automatic Data Backup
  4. Customized Reports
  5. Enumerate Payable and Paid Taxes
  6. Record items purchased and sold with history
  7. Manage Payrolls and Electronic Tax Filing
  8. Accommodate direct deposit and Checks
  9. Generate customized Graphs on reports
  10. Notify Advance and Due in Payments
  11. Ensure security for assembled Digital Data
  12. Consolidation of institution’s Financial Statements
  13. Easy-to-use: Track and Record Fee Transactions
  14. Customization: Organize Ledgers, Balance Sheets, Profit/Loss Statements
  15. Maintain detail records on payments

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