College ReEvaluation & Supplementary ReExam Management Software

Ideal for Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Diploma, etc., Colleges

ReEvaluation & Supplmentary ReExam Management System

The EduSys Re-Evaluation & Supplementary Re-Exam Management System provides cloud-based Exam platform for colleges and university educational institutions to manage examinations like never before. The re-Exam module enables administration to re-evaluate and re-analyse test papers and results upon student’s request.

The Application can be customized to meet examination necessities. Often students who don’t agree with the obtained grade, they are eligible to request for re-exam and revision. The system offers unlimited conceivable outcomes to create, conduct supplementary, and evaluate exams and tests n-number of times.

Features of EduSys Re-Evaluation & Supplementary Re-Exam Management System

The Benefits and Advantages of EduSys Fee Management System are:

  1. Allot and Collect fees for Re-Evaluation and Re-Tests
  2. Manage requests of Students
  3. Seamlessly design Question & Answer format: Multiple-choice, True or False, Fill in the Blanks questions, Match the Following, Objective and Descriptive type questions and many more.
  4. Automatic Result and Report Card generation
  5. Allot Exam halls and centres
  6. Randomize Questions on question papers
  7. Track Students exam activities
  8. Assign students to exam venues
  9. Assign faculty to examination venues
  10. Cloud-based: Store information on all exams forever
  11. Easy-to-use: Requires no prior training
  12. Admit Card/ Hall Ticket Management
  13. Highly Secure and Reliable

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